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Academic Services

Disability Services Information & Procedures

Memo to Faculty

Students registered with Disability Services (DS) must provide the instructor with a Memo to Faculty issued by their Disability Consultant.

The Memo to Faculty lists the accommodations to which the student is entitled. In accordance with the Human Rights Code, instructors are required to allow students the accommodations stipulated; however, it is not the instructor’s responsibility to arrange for all accommodations noted.

Please check the expiry date before accepting a Memo from a student.

Disability Services Procedures:

Please be advised that Humber’s Test Centre (B104) is now responsible for the administration of all testing (including disability-related accommodations) written outside of the classroom.

Note: The Disability Services office will no longer be issuing the pink Test Reservation Form for students with disabilities.

Please note the following:

Student’s Responsibility:

  • Distribute the Memo to Faculty to the appropriate instructor
  • Book tests at the Disability Services office (B113) two weeks in advance to reserve a space
  • Deliver all Test Appointment Sheets (which show the date/time/accommodations) to the Faculty Support Officer

Faculty Support Officer’s Responsibility:

  • Collect the Test Appointment Sheet from the student
  • Notify the faculty of the booking and request a copy of the test/exam
  • Submit Test Centre Referral Form with a copy of the test/exam to the Test Centre and/or email the test/exam to the Disability Services office
  • Pick up the completed exam from the Test Centre and deliver back to faculty

Faculty’s Responsibility:

  • Keep a copy of the Memo to Faculty for reference
  • Remind and direct all students registered with Disability Services to submit the Test Appointment Sheet to the Faculty Support Officer
  • Submit a Word version of the test/exam at least 48 hours in advance to the appropriate Faculty Support Officer


For more information and a full set of guidelines on the Disability Services process, please see your Faculty Support Officer.