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Academic Services

Final Exams & Grade Submission

Below is a summary of the procedures for final exams. For the full policy, please visit the University of Guelph-Humber Academic Calendar.

Final Exam Regulations

  1. Until at least 1 hour after the commencement of the exam, no student shall be permitted to leave except under supervision. Use discretion on bathroom requests.
  2. If a student is not present within the first hour of the exam, the student shall not be permitted to write the exam.
  3. No person shall be allowed in the exam room during the course of the exam except students concerned and those supervising.
  4. No books, paper or other aids shall be used during the exam except by permission of the instructor-in-charge.
  5. No electronic devices are permitted. Only calculators are permitted if specified.
  6. Students shall not communicate with one another by writing, by signs, by words, by electronic devices or in any manner whatsoever while exams are proceeding. Anyone found doing so will be recorded and considered as a formal case of Academic Misconduct. Any students found or suspected of Academic Misconduct will be allowed to continue to complete the exam.
  7. Students shall dispose of their bags and knapsacks by placing them on the floor at the front or side of the exam room. Any books not classified as permissible aids shall be placed along with the bags.
  8. Students must complete the examination attendance sheet attached to their final exam.
  9. Students must present their University of Guelph-Humber ID card at the front of their desk (or alternative photo ID).
  10. Students who have completed the examination will be allowed to leave their seats after the first hour has elapsed and after their exam books have been collected.
  11. Students should raise their hand after completion of an exam. An invigilator will come to collect the exam. Use discretion on smaller exams (less than 65 students).
  12. To minimize the disturbance to students who have not yet completed their exam, no student shall leave the exam room during the last 15 minutes of the exam. At the conclusion of the exam period, students must remain seated until all papers have been collected from their desk and they are dismissed by the instructor-in-charge or invigilator. No exam/test paper, exam booklet or scrap paper should leave the exam room.
  13. No caps, hats or overcoats shall be worn during the course of the exam.
  14. When more than one exam booklet is handed in, students shall number each booklet and indicate on the cover of the first booklet the total number of booklets used.
  15. No writing within the answer booklet is permitted after the instruction to stop writing has been given. The instructor-in-charge may refuse to accept the paper of any candidate who fails to observe this time limit.
  16. No student shall be permitted to leave or re-enter the exam room unless supervised by faculty and/or invigilator (i.e., washroom break).

Directions for Final Grade Submission

  1. Final grades must be submitted within 7 days of your final exam. If your class does not have a final exam, final grades must be submitted within 7 days from the first day of the final exam schedule.
  2. You will be sent a final class list from your Faculty Support Officer following the 40th class day. Detailed directions for grade submission will be sent out well before the final exam period. Please follow the directions provided.

Test & Exam Scanning Services

Scanning services are available to any faculty member who uses multiple-choice tests for classroom assessment. Tests and exams are processed daily and results are normally available within 24-48 hours of submission. Please indicate to the Faculty Support Officer if a Multiple Weighted Test or Exam is to be administered, so that the appropriate Scantron form can be issued. An example of the format to be followed is available by request to the Faculty Support Officer.

Please note it is the responsibility of the faculty member to provide the Faculty Support Officer with a separate test/exam key.

Storage of Final Exams & Final Assignments

Faculty are required to submit all graded final exams (or final assignments if there is no final exam) to the appropriate Faculty Support Officer for storage, as a student has the right to review his/her final exam or final project. These items will be stored for a period of at least one year. After a one-year period, student work is destroyed or disposed of in a confidential manner. Please contact the appropriate Faculty Support Officer for information or assistance.