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UofGH Study Tours

UofGH Global Learning Opportunities in Canada

Are you looking to participate in a global learning experience? Do you want to expand your knowledge and global skills? Do you enjoy learning from new and diverse perspectives? If so, you are on the right page!

The University of Guelph-Humber is excited to introduce and offer two global learning opportunities for all current UofGH students for summer 2022.

Humber Global Summer School

Humber Global Summer School

This July, University of Guelph-Humber students will have an opportunity to take a General Electives course at Humber’s Global Summer School, where over 400 students from 45 different academic programs, 33 academic institutions and 35 countries worldwide have participated. Get ready for experiences that you’ll never forget: lifelong friends, exceptional conversations, industry connections and insight into Canadian culture this summer!

The intensive, three-week Global Summer School courses meet daily (Monday-Friday) from July 4 - July 22. Classes are typically held in the morning, with afternoons and evenings reserved for optional events and activities. Classes are held on the Humber College campus. The four courses that are available to UofGH students are as follows:

Course 1: Transformational Leadership and Advocacy

Leaders are essential in any organization’s longevity, but particularly in advocacy. Become a leader who inspires, motivates, influences, and builds a top-team with the Transformational Leadership and Advocacy course. If you are looking to thrive as a leader, in ever-changing environments, you need the tools that are central to this course: concepts of leadership, how to engage others, and development of vision in leadership. Most importantly, you’ll leave knowing how to empower others to become their own leaders, through mobilization, and advocacy. You’ll see these practices in action with virtual community visits from a variety of non-profit organizations in Toronto.

Course 2: Social Media

Do you connect with friends on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter? Do you read reviews on social media before checking out a company in-person? Do you ever wonder why online advertising seems to read your mind? Social media is reshaping our communication on every personal and professional level! Stay ahead of the digital marketing curve and learn the fundamental skills needed to stay competitive in your desired industry with the Social Media course, in conjunction with Business Academy Aarhus. By using hands-on experience, this course will give you the required expertise to plan, execute, and monitor social media strategies, with the tools industry leaders are already using.

Course 3: Intercultural Communications

Are you looking to work internationally or in a different cultural environment? Anticipating making connections with people as you travel or study abroad? From global organizations to personal connections, understanding intercultural communication will help you relate in a meaningful way across borders. Get the skills that will set you apart on the globalized stage! Evaluating your own culture, values, beliefs, biases, and identities, this course will help you adapt on the international stage. Grow your understanding and appreciation of cultural differences as you learn conflict management techniques, strategies for living and working overseas, and working/communicating effectively within your communities and workplace.

Course 4: Health and Wellness Concepts

Wellness should be everyone’s priority, but where do you get started? On the path to health and wellness, there is so much information, determinants, and dimensions to consider. The Health and Wellness Concept course offers students from around the world the unique opportunity to explore these diverse concepts of health and wellness, identify causes and risk factors that affect health and wellness, and how to promote health and wellness to an individual, community and workplace locally, nationwide and internationally. We will focus closely on developing health literacy skills and health promoting behaviours. At the end of the course, you will develop health goals and achieve them!

APPLY NOW as there is limited space available for each course. Follow these two simple steps to apply.

Step 1: Select a course from the list above that interest you the most

Step 2: Connect with your respective Academic Advisor to start your application process before March 18th

The application deadline for the Humber Global Summer School is: Friday, March 18, 2022.

UofGH Domestic Study Tours

UofGH Domestic Study Tours

Similar to the UofGH Study Abroad trips, the domestic study tours are 0.5 credit General Elective courses offered during the summer semester

All current, UofGH students can apply for any one of the following three domestic study tours:


One of the underrated jewels of the Canadian landscape, Newfoundland and Labrador offers breathtaking sights, from the picturesque fishing villages that dot its coast to beautiful varieties of seabird to enormous, ancient mountain ranges. This course explores the senses through the natural and cultural life of this easternmost part of Canada. Students will learn about the province’s beautiful, fragile ecology is maintained, and how traditional industries and crafts have been preserved in the face of modernity’s forces.

Projected Dates: May 26-June 4
Course Director: Nikki Martyn, Program Head, Early Childhood Studies
Cost: $1500 plus course fee


British Columbia contains some of the most postcard-worthy settings in Canada. With a focus on Vancouver and surrounding areas of British Columbia, this field trip surveys the province’s history, economy, and natural places. We will visit sites related to Indigenous cultures, maritime history, and economic innovation, along with exploring popular attractions such as Vancouver and Granville Islands, Gastown, and the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Students will also study the province through a comparative lens, considering similarities and differences with Ontario in particular.

Projected Dates: June 21-June 29
Course Director: Farah Shamim, Assistant Program Head, Business
Cost: $2000 plus course fee


This domestic study course will give students an opportunity to experience the boundless beauty of the south central region of Canada, starting from Toronto and destined for Quebec City. Travelling by coach, the group will make visits to a number of small towns and larger cities along the way, experiencing iconic Canadian landmarks, cultural and historical venues. This excursion will see students enjoy an unforgettable Canadian outdoor trip of a lifetime, with experiences such as crossing one of only three swinging bridges in Canada, visiting Canada’s second oldest jail, strolling and shopping in Victorian villages, walking a suspension bridge, zip-line or cable-car over one of the most beautiful waterfalls in eastern Canada, breathtaking landscapes, whitewater rafting in the Laurentian Mountains, and visiting iconic attractions of Upper and Lower Canada. The road trip takes us through small quaint towns and large metropolitan cities in Ontario and Quebec. Make sure to bring your camera!

Projected Dates: June 21-June 29
Course Director: Olivia Boukydis, Assistant Program Head, Community Social Services
*One of the bonuses of this trip: travelling with Paul Sherman, Program Head, Community Social Services, and his friendly, good-natured dog! Students with any concerns are welcome to contact Paul directly at
Cost: $1500 plus course fee

Standard Eligibility and Course Requirements

  • Academic suitability
    • Applicants must meet the admission requirements. Instructor consent is required
  • Completed and signed application (due by March 30)
    • The online application will collect your personal information and also ask for a personal statement (250-300 word maximum) answering the following questions
      • Why are you interested in going on a domestic study tour?
      • How does this particular course fit with your academic and personal goals?
      • What do you expect to get out of this trip?
  • First deposit of $500 (due by April 7)
    • Submit on WebAdvisor

Course Components

  • 1-2 mandatory classes (in-person or online); 1 mandatory pre-departure orientation in-person
  • Field trip (~9-10 days)
  • Academic portion: 60% final paper (final research project or paper) & 40% other (journal, assignment(s), participation, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The cost of domestic courses will be $1,500 or $2,000 CDN plus tuition for a standard 0.5 credit summer course.

What does my payment cover?

Flight, accommodations, as well as transport and entrance costs associated with required itinerary visits. Food and entertainment are not covered and must be separately funded by the student.

How do I pay?

You pay your study abroad deposits via WebAdvisor. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Submit online application (by March 30, 2022)

Step 2: Receive an email indicating that a deposit charge ($500) has been applied to your WebAdvisor account

Step 3: Pay deposit amount on WebAdvisor (by April 7, 2022)

Is there funding available?

Unfortunately, there are no travel grants available for any of the UofGH Domestic Study Tours.

Will I receive academic credit?

Yes! Students who successfully complete all the required components of the Domestic Study Tour courses will be awarded a 0.5 credit.

Can I apply to all or multiple courses?

In an effort to spread the opportunity, students can only apply to one study tour course.