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Research and Development

The needs and focus of the University of Guelph-Humber community are constantly evolving – our research and development initiatives make sure our technologies and services evolve along with them.

We are pursuing the following initiatives to promote a more engaging learning, teaching and working environment through new and improved instructional hardware, software and online services. 

Some of our current projects

Interactive classroom pilot project

We are using Interactive Whiteboard technologies to enhance the instructional strategies of our faculty and educational experience of our students.

Low-cost computing

We are researching portable, low-cost computing hardware such as the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized, multi-use computer that can serve as a portable media streaming server, cloud computing server, and more.

Team Share: self-hosted cloud storage

Team Share is a self-hosted cloud storage and sharing solution powered by the open source platform, Owncloud. The service is being offered to Media Studies faculty, students, and support staff.

Ultra-HD devices: research and strategy

We are researching the theoretical and practical uses of these new, ultra-resolution devices. As these technologies gain popularity in the media industry, our goal is to analyze the growing number of student-produced media projects and propose a well-defined production workflow to ensure inter-format compatibility, while adhering to established industry standards.


The demand for using consumer-level technology in an educational environment is increasing. Our research and testing of Apple AirPlay technologies will help us assess how best to apply Apple Airplay to meet the specific educational needs of the University of Guelph-Humber and how these technologies may impact the University's learning environment.

GH digital archives library

This repository hosts a growing collection of digital image and video content produced at the university.  Here are some of the features that make this system unique and essential:

  • The ability to index and find diverse collections of multimedia content
  • Full support for metadata standards
  • Easy control of our growing digital asset inventories

Media Studies projects

Web platforms

We have developed several platforms to showcase the work of our Media Studies students. Some of these platforms include:

  • Student Showcase. This curated online gallery features exemplary student-produced visual projects.
  • MDST4040 Wordpress Network. This network consists of multiple online journals featuring writing and multimedia content created by Multimedia Journalism students.
  • This online news magazine presents local news as covered by students in the Media Studies Journalism stream.
  • This is the online companion to the annual Emerge Magazine publication, produced by graduating Media Studies students.

Subcultures field project: digital asset management system (ethnomedia)

This pilot ethnographic research project is based on a customized digital asset management system. Ethnomedia is an ethnographic research platform that uses a repository to compile field data collected by students.

Online services

We develop and maintain an array of online services that support the academic and administrative functions of the University, such as facility booking systems, discussion forums, technology Wikis, issue trackers, and time management systems.