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Information for Mentors

As a UofGH Alumni Mentor, your role will be to act as a guide, friend, and resource. You are encouraged to share your educational and professional experiences to help pave the way for current students to succeed at UofGH and beyond. Both mentees and mentors will provide UofGH Alumni Services with personal and professional goals and other details to help guide the matching process. Matches are based on areas of shared interest, preferred methods of communication, level of commitment to the program, and other considerations.

Benefits of being a mentor

  • Practice and further develop leadership and coaching skills
  • Improve interpersonal skills
  • Expand your professional network
  • Giving back and reconnecting with your alma matter, and
  • Personal satisfaction 

Mentors are not expected to:

  • Offer jobs, internships or placements to mentees
  • Have all the answers
  • Initiate all contact

Applications for the 2021-2022 cycle are now open until December 17, 2021. If you’re interested in being an Alumni Mentor, click here to fill out the application form. Email if you have any questions.

FAQ for Mentors

What type of support can I provide as a mentor?

Mentors are not expected to replace existing student services such as counselling, mental health support, student aid, and academic advising offered at the University of Guelph-Humber.

We simply ask that you coach your mentee, share your story after graduation, including work-life balance, and career-planning challenges and offer options, not answers.

How will I connect with my mentee?

Your mentee should initiate contact with you. You and your mentee will discuss, and agree on, a method of communication that works best for both of you. For example, you may choose to meet in person, schedule phone or Skype meetings, or communicate through email or text messages. Please note, you may participate even if you are located in a different province or country.

How often will I connect with my mentee?

Frequency of interaction will be up to you and your mentee. The University of Guelph-Humber hosts a new mentor meet-and-greet reception in the Fall semester and a reception in the Winter semester to mark the close of the cycle.

Will my mentee be in the same program as me?

We prioritize connecting mentees and mentors from the same program. However, we cannot guarantee that your mentee will be in the same program as you. Regardless, all mentee are seeking guidance and can learn from your knowledge and experiences after graduation.

When does the Student-Alumni Mentorship Program end?

We run the Student –Alumni Mentorship Program each year. The formal relationship begins in the Fall semester and finishes at the end of the Winter semester. However, if the connection you made with your mentee is beneficial to both parties, we encourage you to stay in touch for as long as you would like.

If you have additional questions about the Student-Alumni Mentorship Program, contact