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Why study Business at UofGH?

See why experience is everything.

We can’t stress this enough.  In a field that’s about making good decisions and getting the job done, developing the right habits can only come from experience.  That’s why you’ll practice what you learn at every chance.

You’ll see what it’s like to work with others, give professional business presentations, operate a simulated business, manage an event.  Learn to fix problems with organizational structure, manage a sudden drop in the stock market, or deal with a natural disaster near your factory.     

Find your career focus with a minimum 100 hours of work placement experience.  Choose to work anywhere from major banks to hospitals to manufacturing companies to non-profits.  And since we’re located in Toronto, you’ll have all these options nearby. 

Learn the hows and the whys.  All of them.

Working in business means understanding the field as a whole.  Understand the complexities of economics, accounting, finance, marketing, information technology, human resource management and logistics – and see how they interconnect.

Learn how the economy works, the fundamentals of supply and demand, how IT is changing the face of business.  Learn why we’re seeing an increased focus on logistics, and why ethics have become paramount in the field.  View the world from a consumer’s perspective. 

An education in all aspects of business prepares you should you choose to specialize in any area: accounting, finance, international business, management, marketing, or small business management & entrepreneurship.

A small learning environment is a better learning environment.

Personalized service is engrained in the UofGH experience. You’ll get to know our names and we’ll get to know yours.

Being part of a small classroom means engaged participation, it means personalized feedback from your professor.  It’s also ideal for case-based learning, where you’ll delve into real life situations to understand the realities of today’s business world.

Interested in a particular area of business?  We’ll work one on one with you to make sure you’re on the right path – from choosing the right courses to choosing the right placements to making sure you’ve got all necessary requirements for further education.

Diversity isn’t just the fabric of UofGH – it’s the fabric of the world.  

Our community is as diverse as the world you’ll work in.  That means preparing for our borderless world by working alongside people with different backgrounds, different perspectives and different expectations. Understand the importance of collaboration.  Learn to create solutions for any consumer.

Studying at the University of Guelph-Humber 

Learn from faculty who know the field – because they work in it.

Our business faculty aren’t just professors – they’re consultants, entrepreneurs, accountants, investment advisors and human resource managers.  They teach you an evidence-based curriculum that’s focused on what’s current.  

UofGH draws faculty who understand the importance of both classroom and experiential learning – because they work in the field.  And because of our small classes, you’ll get personal attention from these academic and industry experts during and after class.

Gain an edge.  Get undergraduate research experience.

You’ll notice our research program is slightly different than most.  Its entire structure is designed to give you an edge so that you’ll stand out when the time comes. 

Learn more about research at UofGH.

Study Abroad.

At UofGH, every student has the opportunity to prepare for a world without borders.  And because all study abroad courses are partially subsidized, the opportunities are within reach.

Learn more about studying abroad at UofGH.