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UofGH Faculty and Staff Directory Information table
Name First Name Last Name Title Program/Department Location Bio Phone Number Emailsort ascending Details
Laelie Snook Laelie Snook Faculty Kinesiology GH308 View Bio for Laelie Snook 416.798.1331 ext. 6308 Details»
Kyoung Heo Kyoung Heo Program Support Coordinator– Community Social Services & CSSDC Academic Services GH204-1 416.798.1331 ext. 6313 Details»
Kirsten Knowles Kirsten Knowles Alumni Development Assistant (PT) Alumni Services GH108 416.798.1331 ext.75543 Details»
Kimberly Zammit Kimberly Zammit Associate Registrar of Academic Advising, Registration and Records Academic Advising, Registrarial Services GH108M 416.798.1331 ext. 6089 Details»
Kimberley Noble Kimberley Noble Faculty Media and Communication Studies GH408 View Bio for Kimberley Noble 416.798.1331 ext. 6087 Details»
Kimberley O'Toole Kimberley O'Toole Faculty Justice Studies GH308 416.798.1331 ext. 6326 Details»
Kia Sanei Kia Sanei Faculty Kinesiology GH308 416.798.1331 ext. 6308 Details»
Kevin James Kevin James Faculty Electives GH208 416.798.1331 ext. 6312 Details»
Kevin Cairns Kevin Cairns Faculty Kinesiology GH308 416.798.1331 ext. 6308 Details»
Kerry Ritchie Kerry Ritchie Faculty Kinesiology GH308 416.798.1331 ext. 6308 Details»
Ken Chalmers Ken Chalmers Faculty Business GH208 416-798-1331 ext. 6221 Details»
Kelsey Orlando Kelsey Orlando Academic Advisor - Business (A-K) Academic Advising GH108E 416.798.1331 ext. 79218 Details»
Kayla Charbonneau Kayla Charbonneau Registrarial Services Associate Academic Advising GH108 Front Desk 416.798.1331 ext. 6458 Details»
Katie Begley Katie Begley Faculty Early Childhood Studies GH308 416.798.1331 ext. 6302 Details»
Kathy Ullyott Kathy Ullyott Chair, Media & Communication Studies Media and Communication Studies GH408C 416-798-1331 ext. 6238 Details»
Katelin Hamilton Katelin Hamilton Interim Student Life Coordinator Student Life GH108 416.798.1331 ext.75862 Details»
Kate Schneider Kate Schneider Faculty Media and Communication Studies GH408 416.798.1331 ext. 6087 Details»
Kate Horodnyk Kate Horodnyk Marketing & Communications Coordinator Marketing and Student Recruitment GH119 416.798.1331 ext.6056 Details»
Karyn Humber Karyn Humber Faculty Kinesiology GH308 416.798.1331 ext. 6308 Details»
Karlene Grant Karlene Grant Faculty Community Social Services GH204 416.798.1331 ext. 6313 Details»