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UofGH Faculty and Staff Directory Information table
Name First Namesort descending Last Name Title Program/Department Location Bio Phone Number Email Details
Stephanie Marks Stephanie Marks Alumni Advancement Coordinator Alumni Services GH108 416.798.1331 ext. 6079 Details»
Steven Routenburg Steven Routenburg Faculty Business GH208 416-798-1331 ext. 6221 Details»
Sue Rochester Sue Rochester Faculty Justice Studies GH308 416.798.1331 ext. 6326 Details»
Sue Hunter Sue Hunter Acting Library Manager Library Services GH203 416.798.1331 ext. 6112 Details»
Susan Thomas Susan Thomas Acting Department Head Student Services GH108-J 416.798.1331 ext. 6223 Details»
Susan Nance Susan Nance Faculty Electives GH208 416.798.1331 ext.6312 Details»
Suzanne Ross Suzanne Ross Faculty Business GH208 View Bio for Suzanne Ross 416-798-1331 ext. 6221 Details»
Tammie Norn Tammie Norn Faculty Kinesiology GH308 416.798.1331 ext. 6308 Details»
Tammy Oakley Tammy Oakley Faculty Early Childhood Studies Degree Completion 416.798.1331 Details»
Tara Atluri Tara Atluri Faculty Electives GH100 416.798.1331 ext. 6312 Details»
Tatjana Susa Tatjana Susa Faculty Support Officer - Electives, Common Courses Academic Services GH208-9 416.798.1331 ext. 6312 Details»
Theo Selles Theo Selles Faculty Early Childhood Studies, Family & Community Social Services, Justice Studies GH308 View Bio for Theo Selles 416.798.1331 ext. 6302 Details»
Thomas Foard Thomas Foard Faculty Business GH208 416.798.1331 ext. 6221 Details»
Tiffany Doan Tiffany Doan Faculty Psychology GH408 416.798.1331 ext. 6071 Details»
Tina-Nadia Chambers Tina-Nadia Chambers Faculty Justice Studies GH308 416.798.1331 ext. 6326 Details»
Tom Mckaig Tom McKaig Faculty Business GH208 View Bio for Tom Mckaig 416-798-1331 ext. 6221 Details»
Trevor King Trevor King Faculty Kinesiology GH308 416.798.1331 ext. 6326 Details»
Tristan Gerrie Tristan Gerrie Faculty Family & Community Social Services GH204 416.798.1331 ext. 6313 Details»
Urmila Puran Urmila Puran Student Financial Services Advisor Student Financial Services GH112A 416-798-1331 ext.6121 Details»
Usha Rajpal-Cheddi Usha Rajpal-Cheddi Admissions Associate, Strategic Populations Admissions GH103-D 416-798-1331 ext. 6389 Details»