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UofGH Faculty and Staff Directory Information table
Name First Name Last Namesort ascending Title Program/Department Location Bio Phone Number Email Details
Elissa Schmidt Elissa Schmidt Manager of Communications and Public Relations Communications and Public Relations GH402A 416.798.1331 ext. 6340 Details»
Sabrina Scalmato Sabrina Scalmato Administrative Assistant Finance & Administration GH403-H 416-798-1331 ext. 6273 Details»
Nalini Sawh Nalini Sawh Faculty Support Officer - Family & Community Social Services, FCSSDC Academic Services GH204 416.798.1331 ext. 6313 Details»
Raffi Sarmazian Raffi Sarmazian Faculty Business GH208 416-798-1331 ext. 6221 Details»
Deborah Sargeant Deborah Sargeant Faculty Early Childhood Studies GH308 416.798.1331 ext.6302 Details»
Kia Sanei Kia Sanei Faculty Kinesiology GH308 416.798.1331 ext. 6308 Details»
Harmanjit Sandhu Harmanjit Sandhu Faculty Early Childhood Studies, Family & Community Social Services, Justice Studies GH208 416.798.1331 ext.6312 Details»
Adam Sandford Adam Sandford Assistant Program Head - Psychology Psychology GH408F View Bio for Adam Sandford 416.798.1331 ext. 6088 Details»
Caroline Samrah-Sergnese Caroline Samrah-Sergnese Academic Advisor - Business Academic Advising GH108F 416.798.1331 ext. 6077 Details»
Alicia Sam Alicia Sam Senior Faculty Support Officer & Events Coordinator Academic Services GH402D 416.798.1331 ext. 6065 Details»
Jonathan Salem-Wiseman Jonathan Salem-Wiseman Faculty Electives GH208 416-798-1331 ext. 6312 Details»
Irina Safroneeva Irina Safroneeva Library Technician Library Services GH203 416.798.1331 ext. 6081 Details»
Marina Sadovsky Marina Sadovsky Faculty Business GH208 View Bio for Marina Sadovsky 416.798.1331 ext. 6221 Details»
Victoria Ryder-Burbidge Victoria Ryder-Burbidge Faculty Kinesiology GH308 416.798.1331 ext.6326 Details»
Steven Routenburg Steven Routenburg Faculty Business GH208 416-798-1331 ext. 6221 Details»
Pearl Rossouw Pearl Rossouw Acting Faculty Support Officer - Justice Studies & BAA Academic Services GH308-9 416.798.1331 ext. 6326 Details»
Suzanne Ross Suzanne Ross Faculty Business GH208 View Bio for Suzanne Ross 416-798-1331 ext. 6221 Details»
Sue Rochester Sue Rochester Faculty Justice Studies GH308 416.798.1331 ext. 6326 Details»
Andrea Rocha Andrea Rocha Faculty Psychology GH408 View Bio for Andrea Rocha 416.798.1331 ext. 6071 Details»
Sana Rizvi Sana Rizvi Faculty Psychology GH408 416.798.1331 ext.6071 Details»