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Why study Early Childhood Studies at UofGH?

*Please note: this page contains new information for students starting in Fall 2017. If you are a current student who enrolled prior to this date click here.

Build on your postsecondary education.

Use your postsecondary experience with early childhood studies to earn your honours degree at the University of Guelph-Humber and open up opportunities for growth and career advancement in a variety of early childhood settings and/or to pursue further education.

Expand your professional skills.

Our program will provide you with the skills and knowledge to work with children of all abilities, support families in multiple settings, develop assessment and intervention practices, and work collaboratively with multiple professionals.


Complete your degree part-time or full-time.

Learn the hows and the whys. All of them.

Working with children means understanding children as a whole. How does empathy develop? Do they have the ability for perspective-taking? Do they show a theory of mind? These are all incredibly complex questions – and stem from just one developmental domain. Understand all developmental domains so that you can understand all children. 

Learn why attachment theory has become paramount in the field. Learn how to program effectively for diverse children and families in inclusive settings – an integral skill for any child-related field. An education in all aspects of child development and in all settings prepares you for just that.

Studying at the University of Guelph-Humber

Learn from faculty who know the field – because they work in it, too. 

Our early childhood studies faculty aren’t just professors – they’re teachers, clinical supervisors, researchers, family consultants, and early childhood educators. They teach you an evidence-based curriculum that’s meaningful and focused on what’s current because they are a part of the changing landscape. 

Gain an edge.  Get research experience.

You’ll notice our research program is slightly different than most.  Its entire structure is designed to give you an edge so that you’ll stand out when the time comes.

Learn more about research at UofGH.

Study Abroad.

Diversity isn’t just the fabric of UofGH – it’s the fabric of the world.  At UofGH, every student has the opportunity to prepare for a world without borders.  And because all study abroad courses are affordable, the opportunities are within reach.

Learn more about studying abroad at UofGH.