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Why study Kinesiology at UofGH?

Learn the hows and the whys.  All of them.

Working with the human body means understanding every detail of how the body works.  How do cells interact with each other and with their environment?  How do drugs manipulate our bodies?  See how disease affects how muscles move - and how exercise affects disease progression. 

Understand all aspects of a person’s anatomy, chemical makeup, mental health and nervous systems so that you can understand all populations: old, young, active, inactive, diseased, healthy.  An education in all aspects of human movement prepares you for just that.

See why experience is everything.  Apply what you learn. 

This field relies on those who can apply their knowledge.  That’s why hands-on application happens simultaneously - and frequently - and begins in your first semester.

Our labs are some of the best offered among Canadian universities.  Learn about a muscle in your anatomy class - then see it in a human cadaver as you explore the complexities of the body in your anatomy lab.  Then examine its microscopic fibers in your cell biology lab, and measure its efficiency and functional capacity in your fitness assessment lab. 

You’ll work with the same state-of-the-art equipment you’ve been reading about in research papers and will encounter in Toronto’s top testing facilities (i.e. the Bod Pod, 3D motion capture systems, VO2Max equipment, etc.). You’ll practise what you’ve learned in your exercise prescription lab, your biomechanics lab, your cell biology and biochemistry labs, and in your statistics lab.

Then see it for yourself in the field.

Earn up to 240 hours of experience through work placements in your final two years. Choose to work in any area of kinesiology from clinical research to rehabilitation to health promotion.

See what it means to problem-solve on the spot, or to offer a standard of care.  Learn about cardiovascular physiology – but then have the opportunity to create an exercise prescription for someone with a cardiac issue.  See what it feels like to work in the field – to train, to test, to educate, to deliver a program, to coach, to assess, to analyze data, to develop research.

Network beyond the University as you learn the behind-the-scenes of working in a private clinic, a hospital, a research institution, a school, or a non-profit organization.  And since we’re located in Toronto, you’ll have all these options nearby.

A small learning environment is a better learning environment.

We can’t stress this enough.  Personalized service is engrained in the UofGH experience. 

You’ll not only be part of a small classroom, but you’ll go through your four years at UofGH with the same group of peers.  This means learning together, working together, growing together.  You’ll get to know our names and we’ll get to know yours.    

Interested in a particular area?  We’ll work one on one with you to make sure you’re on the right path – from choosing the right courses to choosing the right placements to making sure you’ve got all necessary requirements for further education.

Studying at the University of Guelph-Humber

Learn from faculty who know the field – because they work in it.

Our kinesiology faculty aren’t just professors – they’re health researchers, physiotherapists, physicians, athletic therapists and professional athletes.  They teach you an evidence-based curriculum that’s focused on what’s current. 

UofGH draws faculty who understand the importance of both classroom and experiential learning – because they are a part of the changing landscape.  And because of our small classes, you’ll get personal attention from these academic and field experts during and after classes and labs.

Gain an edge.  Get undergraduate research experience.

Research is integrated into the Kinesiology curriculum, in addition to there being opportunities provided by the University’s own research program.

Learn more about research within the Kinesiology program.

Study abroad.

Diversity isn’t just the fabric of UofGH – it’s the fabric of the world.  At UofGH, every student has the opportunity to prepare for a world without borders.  And because all study abroad courses are affordable, the opportunities are within reach.

Learn more about studying abroad at UofGH.