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Online Reserves

Using ARES electronic reserves

Learn how to use ARES to place your course materials on reserve.

Contact to request one-on-one training on how to create your own electronic reserves.

Watch this video for a short introduction on ARES.

What can you place on reserve?

  • Scanned book chapters
  • Electronic journal articles
  • eBooks
  • Website links
  • Audio/visual material
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Documents you have created

How do students access it?

  • Electronically through our ARES system
  • Via permalinks on your course website

eReserves submission guidelines

  • Fall semester: July 10
  • Winter semester: November 1
  • Summer semester: April 1

How long does it take to get copyright?

  • 4-6 weeks for anything that was originally in print
  • Within 1 week for database articles
  • Longer at the beginning of the semester

You will need:

  • clean photocopies of the material
  • the resource’s title, author, publisher, publication year, and page numbers
  • Guelph central login (if you don't know it, ask your faculty support officer to confirm.)

Please note:

If you scan materials yourself and upload them to your course website without obtaining permission, you are violating copyright.