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Welcome Week

Welcome back! We’re offering a number of workshops and events to help you successfully transition in the Fall semester.

Welcome Week schedule

Download the schedule in accessible PDF format.

Career & Placement Meet & Greet

Stop by to meet Career & Placement Services staff, pick up a giveaway and learn what questions you should ask your Career Coordinator this year to start achieving your goals for part-time employment, placement, grad school or securing your dream job after graduation.

CliftonStrengths Groups & Teams

Discover the stages of team development and learn valuable strategies for working in groups. This workshop is part of our CliftonStrengths program, which is designed to help you understand your natural talents and how to develop them into strengths.

Enrich & GHworks Drop-In

Welcome back students! Are you new to using GHworks to find a job or upload your placement documents? Would you like to know more about using Enrich to access support from Student Services? Stop by our drop-in. A Learning Support Peer and Career Support Peer will be happy to walk you through either system and answer questions.

Future Alumni Event

This event will showcase the Student-Alumni Mentorship program, teach students about what it means to be ‘alumni’, and how they can start to prepare for life after graduation.

FYE Workshop: High School vs. University

Join your FYE Leaders for a workshop on university expectations, communicating with your professors, and setting yourself up for success in your first semester.

Gear Up for First Year

Come and join us as you gear up for your first year of university. Yes, university is a busy time, but you can make it to the finish line with some motivation, organization, and time management strategies.

Get Involved! Be Informed! Fair

Find out how to get involved on campus and learn about the many support services available to help you succeed.

Library Basics

Do you know how to find the right information for university-level assignments? Attend this introductory library session and learn about the resources available to assist you with your studies.

Research Boot Camp

Are you looking for ways to improve your research skills and save time finding scholarly sources? Learn how to search more strategically for those relevant resources that you need for your upcoming assignments.

Self-Care & Mindfulness: How to Survive University

This workshop focuses on practical tools that can support your wellness and mental healthy journey throughout the busy school year. Get grounded & learn to manage the pressures of daily life with Randi-Mae, a UofGH alumni who's been where you are.

Stress Management

This workshop will address stress and anxiety – what is stress, how does it affect us, and how can we best cope with stress in a positive way, building emotional strength and resilience?

Tuition & Scholarships

A representative from Student Financial Services will be on hand to provide information about options for financial aid and to answer questions.