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Adam Miller

Assistant Program Head, Media Studies

Before transitioning to Guelph-Humber, Adam Miller was the program coordinator for the Digital Communications, Film & Multiplatform Storytelling, and Content Strategy Programs at Humber College’s Lakeshore Campus.  With a PhD in Communication and Culture from York and Ryerson Universities, Adam’s early research was concerned with evolving digital storytelling technologies and their impact on the relevance and versatility of the transmedia narrative, an interest that precipitated a number of speaking engagements at innovative institutions like The VIA Film and Transmedia School in Denmark.  More recently, he has become interested in the multiplatform model’s applicability in the context of postsecondary education.  To that end, Adam is currently pursuing an additional doctorate in Leadership and Higher Education at the University of Toronto, with a research agenda that targets shared virtual learning spaces characterized by interactive modelling components.