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2014 Year in Review

A lot happened in 2014. Our students won international competitions and took part in groundbreaking research; our alumni realized their potential; our faculty supported international justice and changed the face of cancer treatment.

As we gear up for another great year, let’s first take a moment to look back.
Here, a few of our favourite moments from 2014.

Emerge wins. Big.

The competition saw more than 3000 entries covering every kind of media you can think of.  Daily newspaper, feature magazine, website, radio station, mobile app/plug-in.  Submissions came from all over the United States and Canada – representing about 180 of some of the best media schools across North America.

“Our students have competed against the best media schools in North America – and have proven that UofGH stands among the best,” says Program Head of Media Studies, Jerry Chomyn.

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In our search for the meaning of life, why Disney may not be a bad place to start

Through her latest research, Program Head of Early Childhood Dr. Nikki Martyn explores stories and fairytales through a psychoanalytic perspective - and discovers something far more valuable for adults.

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Maclean’s lauds UofGH: “Students like diploma-degree option at Guelph-Humber”

Maclean’s magazine, known for its university guide, applauds UofGH for having found the right formula.

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The new face of cancer treatment

Canada's largest cancer centre has its first exercise in cancer program, led by Dr. Daniel Santa Mina, UofGH’s program head of kinesiology.

The program’s role at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is one that marks a significant shift in cancer treatment.  It clinically integrates exercise into a patient’s spectrum of care. 

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What we can all learn from people with developmental delays about aging gracefully

In their quest to understand successful aging, UofGH professor of gerontology and her student share with us some surprising findings from a community home that is unlike any other.

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Toward Ukrainian democracy

Two years after his initial election observation mission in the Ukraine, Dr. Gary Ellis returns to a vastly different situation.

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Natalie Quinlan: News Anchor, Newsroom Supervisor, and UofGH alumna

How Natalie Quinlan went from UofGH to anchor at CJDC-TV in Dawson's Creek, British Columbia.

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How Mark Carney became a rock star

We all know that Mark Carney isn’t really a rock star. But in the world of high-profile central bankers, he certainly comes close.

Dr. George Bragues, assistant vice-provost and program head of business at UofGH, addressed economists from across Canada and the U.S. at a conference run by the Wirth Institute for Austrian and Central European Studies. There, he shared his ideas on a financial puzzle that could be attributed to Carney’s success – and could hold valuable lessons for future policies.

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In Pictures: UofGH Abroad

See what our students saw in 2014, as they traveled through France, Ecuador, Berlin, Japan, New Zealand, Italy and Northern Ontario.

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Why the brain is the new black, and the unconscious the new orange

Despite many of Sigmund Freud’s ideas having been famously debunked, it seems one of his models is making a comeback, carrying with it a new field bursting with almost as much controversy and debate as psychology’s most notable figure himself.

UofGH psychology professor Kate Harper’s latest research asks questions about Freud’s most recent return to the hot seat, and answers some of ours in the meantime.

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Congratulations, 2014 Graduates!

More than 700 students crossed the stage on June 16, becoming the University of Guelph-Humber's newest alumni.

See some of our favourite moments from the day of celebration.

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