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February, and other things we hate

Yes, we know it’s the month of red roses and cinnamon hearts and a special day to spend with family. But it’s also the month of cold weather alerts and general irritability and just feeling blah. Even the word – February – is awkward to say.

So if you would please forgive us for a moment while we indulge in our miserableness. They say misery loves company, and we’d like to prove them right.

Here, a February rant on some of our most hated things, from our very own experts who, even while ranting, couldn’t help but smile.

Portrait of Brittany



“I hate saran wrap. I think it’s useless. Whatever you might need saran wrap for, you can use foil. I hate people that post more than 3 pictures on Instagram on a single day. It’s outrageous, and shouldn’t be done unless you’re a celebrity. I hate people that cry about Valentine’s day, because it doesn’t have to be about having a significant other. You can love your family and your parents and your sister and your brother – you can love everybody.”

Brittany Miller
2nd year, Media Studies



Portrait of Ryan




“I hate mornings. Every morning. I hate getting out of bed. I especially hate cold mornings when you step out of a hot shower into the cold – it’s the worst. And I hate making breakfast, but I love to eat it. But then I hate washing the dishes after.”


Ryan Chanthanong
1st year, Psychology



Portrait of Nicole




“I hate having to choose between breakfast in the morning and sleeping in. I hate driving to school in terrible traffic. I love my car, but it takes so long. I hate the colour burgundy. It’s depressing. I like bright colours. And I hate high-pitched laughs.”


Nicole Truskolaski
4th year, Family & Community Social Services



Portrait of Justin




“I hate negativity. It’s especially bad this time of year. When people go around, putting people down – it just lowers everyone. I want for people to be happy, to feel supported. So I tune it out. I try to think positively, surround myself with positive people. Like my mother always says, if you stay positive, positive things will happen.”


Justin Henders
3rd year, Business




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