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How to get involved at UofGH this fall

With programming that includes career-focused workshops, student-run societies, and a bevy of contests and fun events, there are ample opportunities for all students at the University of Guelph-Humber to get involved in campus life this fall.

The Student Life department at UofGH has worked hard to plan programming that will engage all University of Guelph-Humber students, regardless of their year, program or professional goals.

“There are many opportunities for students from all years and programs to get involved in the UofGH community this fall,” said Liana Acri-Rosa, Student Life Coordinator.

“A great starting place is our Swoop into Success Month programming, where you can discover programs run by Student Services, as well as contests and events run by student societies. There is something happening every day throughout the month of September.”

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Among the diverse variety of daily Swoop into Success Month events, students have the opportunity to attend sessions that answer their career questions, invite students to get involved in the many student societies on campus, and introduce the CliftonStrengths program and how it has helped UofGH students and alumni to leverage their strengths for personal and professional success.

All of these sessions are being staged in addition to Orientation and First-Year Experience programming, which is specifically geared toward first-year or transfer students new to the University of Guelph-Humber.

“Swoop into Success Month programming has a variety of activities to support student success, such as career chats, sessions to find out what to do with your degree, field placement drop-in times, and workshops for understanding your strengths and how they can help students thrive,” Acri-Rosa said.

Ensuring a smooth transition

Along with creating compelling programming, Student Life also worked closely with the UofGH community – including current students, staff and faculty representatives – to find ways to support those who are returning to campus for in-person learning.

Following up on that feedback, student leaders have been stationed as greeters at the main entrance and throughout other key points on UofGH campus to help answer questions and provide directions.

“We recognize that coming to campus is a transition for both our new and returning students,” said Acri-Rosa. “We wanted to ensure we helped ease that transition and created a welcoming environment for all of our students.”

The value of getting involved

Whether students take on a role in a society, join a club or sports team or simply attend one of the many events staged virtually or in-person by UofGH, finding a way to get more involved in campus life can help students make the most of their time at the University of Guelph-Humber.

“Getting involved in the campus community offers students the ability to create their own UofGH story,” said Student Life Coordinator Jessica Pilfold.

“The student experience extends beyond the (virtual) walls of a classroom: it’s representing the University in a case competition or moot court; it’s helping your peers prepare for a job interview or develop better study skills; it’s welcoming new students to the University so they feel supported and engaged to get involved themselves. These engagement opportunities build upon the reasons students come to UofGH in the first place: a tight-knit supportive community and a unique learning environment with a customized approach.”

“I challenge students to consider the transferrable skills, personal growth, and peer support that come with being an engaged member of the campus community,” she added.

“I’ve never spoken with a student that regretted their co-curricular engagement, but I’ve spoken to plenty that wished they’d been more involved before they graduated.”