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How to get undergraduate research experience at UofGH

Dr. George Bragues

The benefit of doing this is huge."

Research opportunities at the University of Guelph-Humber train undergraduate students to become curious, conscientious and methodical.

Additionally, the skills that students gain as paid research assistants are transferable. This means students can apply what they learn to whichever career path they choose, said Dr. George Bragues, Assistant Vice-Provost and Program Head, Business.

The year-long study also offers the participants a glimpse of what it will be like to pursue post-graduate studies.

"At the University of Guelph-Humber, we provide opportunities for undergraduate students in our research initiatives and that's unique," said Dr. Bragues, who oversees the research initiatives at UofGH. "The benefit of doing this is huge. Research provides the students with something tangible to put on their resumes and sends a signal to the employer that this is a student who is earnest, thorough and inquisitive."

What is so special about UofGH research?

Research at UofGH hones students' curiosity by giving them a chance to work with a faculty member as well as understand, analyze and interpret evidence collected during the study.

Research initiatives offer students a sound grasp of methodology and both qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques. Students also learn how to look for underlying patterns and how to write and present evidence-based findings.

Unlike most other universities where funding for research is typically restricted to faculty members and graduate students, UofGH students can not only undertake a study under the direction of an instructor but in some cases, they will even have a chance to present their work at national and international conferences, Dr. Bragues noted.

How does it work?

A faculty member interested in tackling a research project submits a Research Grant Fund Application.

A committee under Dr. Bragues reviews the applications and ranks the proposals. Once approved, project are eligible for funding up to $10,000.

Students in good academic standing can work as paid research assistants.

Last year, more than 15 research initiatives on a range of topics spanning all of UofGH's programs, received funding.

Interested in learning about research opportunities? Current students can log in to view all current postings at GH Works.