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How UofGH students give back with Enactus

Students Dylan Cunanan and Amelia Savoie

University of Guelph-Humber students involved with Enactus, a student-led entrepreneurial club, say they are able to improve lives and empower communities through the initiatives they manage.

Since Enactus Humber launched in 2015, student-members from Humber and UofGH have created and managed several sustainable business models to address social issues such as poverty, environment, inequality, gender violence and more.

In order to create a viable business plan, students conduct a needs assessment, produce a detailed business development plan, execute their idea and evaluate its impact, explained Amelia Savoie, a fourth-year Business student and co-president, Enactus Humber.

“The whole goal of Enactus is to empower people,” Savoie said. “Enactus Humber helps University of Guelph-Humber students to think outside-the-box and take on responsibilities. They can then see first-hand how their actions help families and communities.”

Creating a social enterprise

Enactus is an international organization with a presence in 36 countries. In Canada, over 70 post-secondary institutions have Enactus clubs.

Some 30 Enactus Humber members are presently involved in Project Funds, a five-week financial literacy program whose aim is to help high school students learn about budgeting, taxes, scholarships, bursaries and others. The second project, EH2, is still in the development stage. When launched, it will help women who have experienced violence and are currently living in shelters to consider entrepreneurship as a possible career choice.

 “For me, a big part of being involved with Enactus Humber involves taking what I learn in the classroom and doing something for the world outside,” said Dylan Cunanan, a third-year Media Studies student and vice-president (media), Enactus Humber.  “The work we do is ongoing. As a student, I am able to practise my leadership role and help the team create eye-catching photographs, videos and decks that we use during competitions and presentations to potential funders.”

Enactus Humber received a $1,000 prize when it won the Capital One Financial Education challenge last year. The club is also eligible to receive funding from the Humber College Centre for Entrepreneurship.

What does Enactus do?

  • Pitch projects that work towards the United Nations sustainability goals
  • Pursue those project goals
  • Travel and present the projects and outcomes during competitions
  • Collaborate with schools and business community members to seek partnerships and sponsorships to fund the projects

Who can become a member?

University of Guelph-Humber students from any program can get involved with Enactus Humber. A good attitude and the desire to make a difference in the community are the only criteria, Savoie explained.

Students develop networking, project management and communication skills because of their involvement. They can then use these skill sets in the classroom and in the workplace.

“I have learned to manage people as well an entire project,” Savoie said. “Getting involved with Enactus has taught me to be relentless when it comes to seeking funding for the projects. I have also learned the power of networking. I used to be shy, but the club gave me opportunities to meet with people from all around the world.”

For more information email or send a direct message to the club on any of its social media platforms.