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Humber Library launches Idea Lab

Designed to support students working on digital assignments, Humber Library’s newly launched Idea Lab provides opportunities to explore and create digital media and new technologies.

The Lab, located on the third floor of the LRC building, features studio spaces and equipment for audio recording, video production, and 3D printing.

Studio spaces and technology available in the Idea Lab already exist on campus for specific programs, however, the new space provides learning opportunities and additional resources for a wider audience from any area of the University of Guelph-Humber or Humber College.

“The Idea Lab was created as a response to Humber’s strategic priorities of integrating core 21st century employability skills into program curricula and preparing students for changing work environments by teaching and engaging them in new digital technologies,” says Ewan Gibson, Humber’s business and e-learning librarian. “We hope our spaces, equipment, workshops, and resources will support faculty in exploring these new and emerging technologies and practices.”

Much of last year was dedicated to the design and renovation of the spaces, the development of online resources and booking systems, staff training, workshop planning, and faculty and department consultations.

“Since the opening of the LRC, students have booked study rooms for filming, relying on their cell phones and natural light to record a presentation, pitch, or mock-interview. It feels great to be able to provide a space that will help students take their videos to the next level,” says Gibson.

Faculty members have already explored alternative assignment types such as creating infographics, pitch videos, or podcasts. The space is meant to support the UofGH and Humber communities in exploring alternative ways of learning, improving professional development, building new skills or executing a project.

The Idea Lab has been running since the beginning of the fall semester and the studio spaces and 3D printers have been available for booking since October 30. The Idea Lab is available for use from Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.