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Looking for a change? Make the move to the University of Guelph-Humber

Whether you want to explore a new area of study, expand your employment options or plan for graduate education, the University of Guelph-Humber can help you move ahead with your career goals.

By transferring to UofGH, you get a focused education that combines theory with practice. Our full-time and part-time degree programs will prepare you with the right knowledge and skills to succeed. At UofGH, you will be part of a close-knit community. The average class size is 49 students, so there will be plenty of opportunities to connect with your peers and instructors. We also offer generous scholarships, awards and bursaries to help support your educational expenses.

If you have previous university or college education, you can apply to UofGH as a transfer applicant through two options. See how much credit you could get towards your degree:

College Block Credit Transfer: Get more credit for your previous education. Some college diplomas can give you pre-determined blocks of transfer credit depending on the UofGH program you are applying to. Learn more

General Transfer: If you have a degree, diploma or coursework from a recognized college or university not part of the college block credit transfer pathway, you can apply as a General Transfer Applicant. Learn more

Linda Persaud

It’s more of an opportunity for me to make real friendships and to build a community. I genuinely feel like the whole school is a family."

Wondering what life is like as a transfer student? We chatted with Linda Persaud, a fourth-year student and Sr. Student Transition and Resource Team (START) Leader, who made the move to UofGH after college. We asked her a few questions about her experience transferring to the University of Guelph-Humber.

Name: Linda Persaud

Program: Business, area of emphasis in Marketing

Why did you choose to transfer to UofGH?

Out of high school, I went to college for a two-year program in Business Management. It's not that college didn't prepare me for the real world—it was more I felt like there was so much more for me to do, so much more for me to learn. I know I'm going to be working for the rest of my life, and I don't want to start that just yet.

When I was looking at what to do next with my education, I knew university was the next logical step. I already went to college, and they have this amazing bridge program. There was no thought in my mind of going anywhere else—this was the next step. My number one choice was Guelph-Humber. I thought if I'm going to do university, I might as well go somewhere where I can get the degree and the diploma at the same time, while having all my credits transferred over and having the dual theoretical and hands-on experience as well.

What is your favourite part about studying at UofGH?

One of the main things about Guelph-Humber that I really, really like is the diploma and degree. If you're going to spend four years in university, why not get two in one?

Also, Guelph-Humber is very intimate. The classrooms are not 100 or more students. I’m able to see the same students around school, see my professors walk around and have more of a personal connection with everyone. It’s more of an opportunity for me to make real friendships and to build a community. I genuinely feel like the whole school is a family.

How was it like adjusting to UofGH as a transfer student?

The really good thing about Guelph Humber is they take a lot of your credits over. For myself, I got a whole year off. Some of my courses transferred to fourth year and some of my courses transferred to third year. So when I started at Guelph-Humber, I was able to connect with a lot of the students who had already taken classes that I've yet to take. It gave me the opportunity to talk to a lot of students from different years.

Also, your professors are there to help you. You get more of a personalized experience. Because everything is in one building, I could just run up to my professor's office and say, “Hey, I had a little bit of trouble in the course. I'm new here. This is my first year.” My professor showed me everything that I needed to do.

Yes, it was a step up in education compared to college, but it's not such an abrupt change. They ease you into it and give you the tools you need in order to succeed.

What are your tips and advice for someone who may be thinking about transferring to UofGH?

One of my major tips is to take advantage and use every single thing that Guelph-Humber has to offer, like the Future Students’ Centre and the Guelph-Humber tours. They want to make sure you're choosing the best school for you. Guelph-Humber has all of these programs, online or in-person, that you can attend that will help you get to know the school and get to know what is the best for you.

When you get into Guelph-Humber, one of the biggest things that I learned was don't feel like you need to be at the same pace as everyone else. A lot of the times, as a transfer student, you're kind of in between years, so you're taking courses at a different pace than everyone else. Don't feel like you have to catch up with people and don't feel like you're falling behind. You're not racing anyone. Take it at your own pace.

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