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Meet a Media Studies alumna who loves adventure

Nadia Stewart smiles for the camera
Photo courtesy of Nadia Stewart

In the years since graduating from the University of Guelph-Humber’s Media Studies program, Nadia Stewart’s career in journalism has taken her all over the country and all over the television dial.

Stewart knew early on her in tenure at UofGH that she relished the fast pace and excitement of working in media. By her second year, she was volunteering at her local Rogers TV station, which eventually led to an on-air role.

Now a videojournalist/reporter with Global News in Vancouver, Stewart built her career by seizing such opportunities and being unafraid of taking bold risks.

“I’ve always known that I wanted to go into journalism. By the time I got to the University of Guelph-Humber, I was so eager to get going,” she recalled. “But I never thought it would take me from literally one end of the country to the next.

“It’s been quite a journey so far.”

Not long after graduating from UofGH, Stewart landed an eight-week position as reporter/host on CBC-TV in St. John’s, N.L. Born and raised in Toronto, Stewart knew “absolutely nothing” about Newfoundland at the time, but decided to dive in regardless.

“I landed there on the foggiest of nights. I couldn’t see anything at all,” she recalled with a laugh. “But eight weeks turned into two and a half years, and I went from being their casual reporter to their go-to girl. I filled in for them on their anchor desk and travelled the province covering the provincial elections.

“I did all kinds of stories I never would have imagined covering. So it ended up being a springboard for so much success and opportunity.”

Still, Stewart had a taste for adventure, so she soon took an opportunity to become a weekend anchor at CBC Calgary. It was an “amazing experience,” Stewart said.

She also found a taste for life on the West Coast, so she jumped at the opportunity to later join Global’s team in B.C.

She says her new role is simultaneously the most demanding and rewarding position she’s had. She spends more time than ever in the field, writing, cutting, and filing video for multiple platforms including TV, radio, and the internet.

This past year was particularly busy due to the B.C. wildfires. Stewart spent much of her time travelling through the province’s interior to follow the fires as they spread.

“It was a pretty amazing experience to be on the ground in the midst of that. It was humbling to see how much people trusted us to tell their story, really opening up to us, letting us into their homes,” she reflected.

Reflecting on her time at UofGH, Stewart recalls graduating feeling ready and prepared for the challenges of the fast-changing media industry.

“My professors, administrators, everybody, prepared us as much as possible to set us up for success,” she said. “Newsrooms are changing so much. UofGH gave us the confidence to be able to take risks and try new things.

“When you go to a school where they’re all about doing things differently and taking risks, it just rubs off.”

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