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Meet UofGH’s international students

Students from across Canada are drawn to the University of Guelph-Humber’s innovative mix of theoretical and hands-on learning, but increasingly, students from around the globe are too.

Exchange agreements between UofGH and universities abroad have brought students from schools like the University of Bremen, one of Germany’s 11 elite “Excellence Initiative” universities and Austria’s prestigious Management Centre Innsbruck to study here in Toronto. At the same time, students from UofGH have been on exchange at those schools, studying and taking part in internships.

Some of those international students explained why they seized on the chance to study at the University of Guelph-Humber.

Lina Pargmann

Who: Lina Pargmann
What she’s studying: Business administration and psychology
Where she’s on exchange from: Bremen University, Germany
Why she came to UofGH: No stranger to international travel, Lina spent a year during high school studying in the United States and four months earlier in 2016 for an internship in Indonesia where she consulted with small businesses. During her third year of business education, she’s spending a semester at UofGH, where she can pursue her interests in business and psychology.

“I like that this university has both programs, and I’m taking courses in consumer behavior and leadership and business,” she says. Though she’s only had a few classes so far, Lina says that one of the biggest differences at UofGH is its small class sizes. “In Germany, my classes had up to 750 students. Now, they’re closer to 30 students so there’s more interaction — I have to make my first presentation next week.”


Daniel Holzl


Who: Daniel Holzl
What he’s studying: Business and management
Where he’s on exchange from: The Management Centre of Innsbruck, Austria
Why he came to UofGH: After years spent as a professional soccer player in Austria, most recently with the FC Red Bull Salzburg, Daniel is pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in business. Currently in his third year of study, Daniel will be spending a semester in UofGH’s Business program.

“UofGH was a good choice because it has a number of classes that weren’t available back home,” he says. To complement his courses in strategic management and business policies, Daniel is interested in joining the Guelph-Humber Consulting Association. When he returns to Austria in the winter, he’ll be starting an internship with a consulting firm. 


Michelle Velvis


Who: Michelle Velvis
What she’s studying: Business Marketing
Where she’s on exchange from: Hanze University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands
Why she came to UofGH: When Michelle previously visited Toronto, she loved the city, its people and its weather. When she looked for an exchange school in Toronto, UofGH immediately stood out.

“I was really drawn by its combination of theoretical and practical learning,” Michelle says. “I want to know what I’ll do when I graduate and know how to apply what I’ve learned. Not many universities are doing that sort of thing.” 



Max Sudhoff

Who: Max Sudhoff
What he’s studying: Justice Studies
Where he’s on exchange from: Bremen University, Germany
Why he came to UofGH: Max is studying towards his law degree in Germany, a process that takes five years and which students can start straight out of high school. He’s now completed his general classes and will soon start his specialization in economic law, a section that’s mostly self-directed. Before it begins though, Max has come to UofGH to get a more global understanding of legal practices and take interdisciplinary courses in psychology and sociology.

“Classes are much different here,” he says. “At home we get a lecture and there are fewer chances to ask questions. At UofGH, it’s more active. You really have to listen and work with the instructor and your classmates. I like that part.”