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Meet your classmates

Portrait of Ramanjit Saini, Business-Accounting student

Ramanjit Saini
Business-Accounting, 3rd year

“I want to build my own empire,” says Ramanjit Saini who hopes to become a Certified Public Accountant one day.

Saini transferred to the University of Guelph-Humber to upgrade his college credentials. He says he found his passion in the very first course he took here, Entrepreneurial Studies.

Being challenged by professors and working with classmates, “…just gave me some sort of strength,” he says.

Although Saini has had experience in a number of financial firms, it's UofGH’s societies that will provide him with new opportunities. “I’ve heard great things about the DECA society here… the [DECA] competitions are really going to prepare me for my CPA and give me something different to put on my resume,” Saini says.

Portrait of Chae-lynn Bailey, Kinesiology student

Chae-lynn Bailey
Kinesiology, 1st year

“As a kid I’d stay up until 2a.m. just memorising the names of muscles. Why? I don’t know, I just liked it!” says Kinesiology student, Chae-lynn Bailey.

Bailey took her inexplicable love for how the human body works to the University of Guelph-Humber. This first year student says she’s working towards a career in physiotherapy.

Baily takes pride in graduating high school on the honour roll, but admits she still finds math challenging. “I can definitely push through if I’m in a place where the classes are small and I can get to know my professors better,” she says.

She feels like the school’s close-knit community will give her better tailored help that she needs to succeed.

Portrait of Erik Michalik, Psychology student

Erik Michalik
Psychology, 2nd year

“People are definitely my passion,” says Erik Michalik. The second year psychology student is still deciding where he wants to be in the future. Yet, the lectures he’s attending on the patterns of social behaviour at UofGH intrigue him the most.

“I know for sure one day I’ll be helping people. I’ll be working with them and talking to them, wherever I’ll be,” says Michalik.

It’s the relationships he built with the folks at UofGH that keeps him coming back.

“Here, you actually exist. You’re a real person and not just a number,” Michalik says. According to him, having professors recognize his face in a crowd is what makes his time here worthwhile.

Portrait of Alisha Dhillon, Business student

Alisha Dhillon
Business, 4th year

“I’m ready to go! I know how it works, I know how to make it work, and I know how to make it better,” says Alisha Dhillon about the advertising world she aspires to be a part of.

The ambitious attitude of this fourth year business student seems unstoppable. “Imagine seeing your advertisements across the world. It would be amazing,” she says.

But Dhillon says she wasn’t always this confident in herself, “I feel like I’ve grown so much because I’ve learned so much here.”

In the next few weeks, Dhillon will continue to hone her skills while she helps plan and execute an on campus art exhibition as a part of the fourth year Event Management course at UofGH.