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Meet your student senator: Priya Rajkumar

Priya Rajkumar smiles on campus

University of Guelph-Humber student Priya Rajkumar got involved on campus early in her time at UofGH, but it was a leadership retreat that convinced her she could do more.

Rajkumar, a student in the Media Studies program, listened to UofGH peers like IGNITE president Maja Jocson discuss their experiences and realized just how many opportunities were out there.

“At the retreat, it was really cool to learn about everybody else’s strategies they use and the different opportunities you can have on campus,” Rajkumar said.

Now, Rajkumar will represent UofGH students as a student senator. Even before summer started, she tried to canvas peers in her program on their priorities and concerns so she would know exactly what to advocate for in the new role.

When she originally planned to attend UofGH after graduating high-school in Brampton, Rajkumar was initially unsure whether the Media Studies or Business program was the right fit. When she heard about Media Studies’ Media Business stream, she realized it was exactly what she was looking for.

“I like the idea of marketing and placements of advertisements, and the logistics of where is the most strategically placed area,” she said. “I’m really interested in the social-media aspect as well.”

After finishing second year, she was grateful for skills she picked up that she didn’t necessarily expect, for instance in web design and digital communications.

Over the summer, she planned to work, and also improve another skill: speaking French. She spent her break after first year studying to improve her French and hoped to come back to school even more polished.

Meanwhile, her work in student government and working with university administration will likely prove helpful in preparing for her long-term career aspiration.

“Hopefully, one day, I’ll eventually be going into teaching,” Rajkumar said. “That’s my passion in life, what I really love. That’s the long-term goal.”