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Prof. Dileeni Weerasinghe: On Diversity

Dileeni Weerasinghe

From a business professor who has worked in Sri Lanka, the Bahamas, England, the United States, Switzerland, and Canada, comes a seemingly simple question:  How can our students become successful business leaders of tomorrow?

“In Canada alone, we’ve seen growing diversity of age, diversity of race, of sex, of religion, of culture, of values and of customs within work environments,” says Prof. Dileeni Weerasinghe.  “All this, on top of many new trends and changes in our ethics, changes in our use of technology, changes in our expectations of what a career looks like, changes in our expectations of what a work environment should look like.”

“How do we manage such diversity in this evolving context?  And how do we seek to make good management decisions?” she asks.

“In this time of complex globalization, it’s critical for our students to understand not only which evidence-based techniques and theories can be successful in various kinds of organizations, but in various cultures and countries as well.”


Prof. Weerasinghe earned her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from McMaster University, her Post Graduate Diploma in Food and Beverage Management from Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, Switzerland, and her Master of Business Administration from the University of Guelph. 


Human Resources Management
Organizational Behaviour