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Student Planning: Course Enrolment Re-imagined

Students need to consider many factors when selecting their courses, so we are making it easier! The University will be launching an intuitive online tool called Student Planning in June, in time for Fall 2021 course enrolment.

Student Planning will have a user-friendly interface that will allow all students to check their program requirements, plan their degree, track their academic progress and enrol in courses. It will have an improved search tool, and students will be able to visualize their course schedule and choose course sections that do not overlap.

While undergraduate students have previously had the ability to evaluate their academic progress through WebAdvisor, this helpful feature will now also be available for graduate students in Student Planning. They will be able to track their progress by comparing their completed and planned courses against the core requirements of their degree program.

Other exciting new features will be available through Student Planning in upcoming semesters, including waitlisting and the online approval of course waiver requests. These features will benefit students, Program Counsellors, Academic Advisors, course instructors and Registrarial staff, among others.

Where can I learn more?

Additional information will be posted on the Student Planning websites (Student Planning for Guelph and Ridgetown students, and Student Planning for Guelph-Humber students) and WebAdvisor over the next few months. Training videos and user documentation are being created that will help students through every step of the degree planning and course enrolment process. This training material will be available in June so that students can plan their Fall 2021 schedule in advance of course enrolment in July. We recommend that students allow more time to navigate the new system and plan their schedule before course enrolment begins.

This widely impactful project was made possible with the support and assistance of Computing and Communications Services, the Office of Registrarial Services, the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and the Guelph-Humber and Ridgetown campuses.

The Student Planning project is part of the larger Student Information Systems Refresh initiative. Launched in 2018, the Student Information Systems Refresh initiative aims to enhance the digital experience of applicants, students, advisors and staff. The initiative is composed of over 25 projects, connecting departments across all three campuses.