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UofGH's Career Services' top tips for how to stand out at career fairs

The University of Guelph-Humber brings employers to campus for career fairs regularly. If you've never been to a job fair, our Career Services team has tips for how to stand out to potential employers:

  1. Do your research

UofGH shares which employers will be present at a job fair in advance. If you’re interested in a company, check out its official website, learn about its history and consider any questions you might have. “Companies want to hire someone who wants to work with them, not just someone who dropped by because they were there,” pointed out UofGH Career Coordinator Allison Scully.

  1. Start a conversation

It’s not just about dropping off your resume. Try to leave an impression. You never know where a chat might lead. “It’s hiring managers who are there, and they might give you a contact of someone who works in the department you want to work,” Scully said said.

  1. Practise your elevator speech

It doesn’t hurt to run through what you’d like to say in advance. You should prepare to tell employers about the skills and experience you bring to the table, and how you could be an asset to their companies.

  1. Polish your resume with help from a Career Support Peer

Have you visited UofGH’s Career Services department? Our team can help you make sure your resume is best-positioning your experience to catch the eye of an employer.

  1. Dress for success

It’s best to approach this like a job interview, so opt for slightly more formal clothes than you might normally wear to class. And as always, Scully advises to be mindful of maintaining good body language and making eye contact.

  1. Go solo

When approaching employers, it’s best to do so alone, rather than travelling in a pack with your peers. “You’re more likely to stand out if you’re by yourself,” Scully said.

  1. Follow up

It’s important to keep contact with your new connection. Make sure you collect business cards, send anyone you speak with a thank-you email, and when possible, connect with the employers you meet on LinkedIn.