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Why you should apply for UofGH's Founders' Academic Merit Scholarship

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When Jasmine Irven first discovered the University of Guelph-Humber’s Founders’ Academic Merit Scholarship, she had less than two weeks before the application deadline.

Fortunately, she quickly decided that her application was her top priority and began assembling the necessary documents, including letters of reference and a written statement describing her leadership, extra-curricular activity or community involvement.

She submitted her application in time, and after being awarded the scholarship – which provides $5,000 per academic year over four years of study, for a total of $20,000 – she was certainly glad she did.

“I was just browsing the website and I got lucky,” Irven recalled. “I didn’t know if I had enough time to finish my application but I just powered through. Obviously, I’m so glad I did that.

“It was so exciting to be rewarded with the scholarship, as it was tangible recognition for all of my hard work and commitment throughout high school, and has really inspired me to continue to dedicate myself to my studies and my community.”

Every year, 10 students are awarded a Founders’ Academic Merit Scholarship. This year’s application deadline is Feb. 28. Students who receive the Founders' Academic Merit Scholarship will also be eligible to receive the Renewable Entrance Scholarship.

Text that reads: The scholarship has taken a huge amount of financial stress off of me.Irven was not only a dedicated high-school student, she was also active in her small township of Uxbridge, Ont. As a high-schooler, she volunteered as a reading helper at her local library and at a second-hand clothing shop that donates proceeds to charity. She also volunteered in Kingston, Jamaica with a missionary group after leading fundraising efforts for the trip. In 2015, she returned to Jamaica to volunteer again.

The scholarship not only rewarded Irven’s past hard work, it also eased the challenges of university life. A student in UofGH’s Media Studies program, Irven found that the financial backing of the scholarship allowed her to pursue work selectively, while directing more of her energy toward her studies when she needed to.

“The scholarship has taken a huge amount of financial stress off of me,” she said. “It has made sure I can really get the most out of my university experience, whether that be with volunteering, internships, extracurricular or part-time jobs. It has meant that I can really focus on things that I want to do, instead of being pressured to take on work which I may not be able to handle.”

Still, Irven has remained motivated. A student specializing in digital communications, she is currently pursuing her field placement at a social-media agency in Toronto. She’s also earned experience as a freelance graphic designer, and she has multiple part-time jobs on UofGH campus. Though she has interests in several fields, she thinks social media and content creation is the path for her.

Ultimately, she just wants to encourage other students to apply for the Founders’ Academic Merit Scholarship.

“I think a lot of people feel like they aren’t good enough, or that there are so many other people applying that they have no chance, but you may be surprised at how much you stand out,” she pointed out.

“There’s nothing to lose by applying, and there’s the potential for an incredible award if you are successful.”

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