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A window into the UofGH community

Like other post-secondary institutions, the University of Guelph-Humber shifted face-to-face classes to alternate delivery in order to encourage physical distancing. 

We captured members of the UofGH community from a safe distance to get a glimpse at our students and alumni have dealt with working and studying from home. 

Vic Duarte, Justice Studies student

Vic Duarte

How has your daily routine changed?

Due to the demanding commitments I choose to take part in, I spent the majority of my time (pre-quarantine) at school and at my multiple jobs. My daily routine has changed because instead of spending minimal hours in my home like I used to, I now do all those activities from home. It’s been a challenging change since I used to rely on social interaction for rejuvenation while taking on my substantial workload. All those I used to surround myself with played an integral role in my well-being and sense of discipline. In quarantine, I’ve been learning to find new ways to refresh, focus, as well as learn without others and it has been a significant life lesson.

How are you staying connected to friends and loved ones?

I’ve been staying connected to the ones I love by doing random acts of kindness for them. These surprises are always fun to coordinate and in such complicated times, knowing that I could bring others a smile reminds me why I am staying home in the first place. I’m known for writing letters and giving little gifts I know will make the other person feel special or heard.

Another way I have been staying connected is through FaceTime. Scheduling game or movie nights with my friends and family always gives me something to look forward to. Even just hearing their voices is a great reminder that I am loved and missed.

Have you found any new hobbies or rediscovered any old ones under quarantine?

Yes! While growing up mixed medium art was my favourite way to pass time and show others I cared. With the slower pace that quarantine has forced me into, I’ve rekindled that love for creating without judgement or pressure. I’ve recently gotten into acrylic painting off of canvases and onto objects like old vinyls and my guitar.

A new hobby I’ve taken on is running. Working on my endurance is a great way to get outside once a day, get fresh air, and push myself mentally as well as physically. I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do but running around the neighbourhood is something I look forward to every day now.

Stefan Thomas, Family & Community Social Services student

Stefan Thomas

How has your daily routine changed?

Over the last few weeks over quarantine, my daily routine has slightly changed. My sleeping schedule has been impacted the most. Due to much free time on my hands and not much responsibilities with school being completed, I find myself going to bed very late. However, I do my best everyday to wake up at a reasonable time to ensure that I can still maintain some form of the routine I had before quarantine begun.

How are you staying connected to friends and loved ones?

Over the last few weeks, I have been staying in contact with my friends and loved ones mainly through texting and video/audio calls. For both my friends and extended family, I made it a priority to call or video call them at least once every week to ensure that they were staying safe and doing alright. Keeping this open and consistent line of communication is one of the essential things that has helped me get through this time of quarantine.

Have you found any new hobbies or rediscovered any old ones under quarantine?

During this time of quarantine, there have been some old hobbies that I had the opportunity to resurrect. One of these hobbies include watching various shows on Netflix. While I was in school, I did not get the opportunity to watch Netflix much due to my congested schedule. However, I now have the spare time to catch up on a lot of my favourite shows, while exploring new ones. I have also had the opportunity to take my hobby of exercising/working out a lot more seriously over the last few weeks as well. Being quarantined has helped me develop the consistency and dedication needed in order to produce the results I desire to see physically and nutritionally.

Shaneeza Jameer, Business alumna

Shaneeza Jameer

How has your daily routine changed? 

My routine has definitely changed completely as I am now working from home from the comfort of my bedroom. It's different but I’m well adjusted. 

How are you staying connected to friends and loved ones?

Like many, I’ve been staying connected with friends and family thanks to FaceTime, Zoom, and Netflix Party. 

Have you found any new hobbies or rediscovered any old ones under quarantine? 

Since I have a bit more time on my hands, I’ve been trying to learn hand lettering and calligraphy, but I’ve also been in the kitchen more cooking and baking.