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The winners emerge

22 post-secondary schools across Canada, 130 students, 6 categories, 31 leading media industry judges, 28 finalists.

And now, Canada’s first and only student media awards program has 6 winners:

Written Word

Nicole Wiart, Grant MacEwan University: "Not like chicken or fish; something new - Meet the people behind Canada’s death revolution." 

Audio Storytelling

Julian Uzielli, Western University: "Knights in homemade armour."

Digital Design

Nicholas Kattis, Maria Ramage et al, Sheridan College: "What are the Chances?"


Matthew Rovet, University of Guelph-Humber:"Internment."


Katie Wyatt, Niagara College: Karsh emulation of George Bernard Shaw. 

Integrated Communications

Jessica Pollock, Ryerson University: Promotional campaign for Young Soles 

Group photo of Emerge Media Awards winners. From left to right: Nicholas Kattis, Alex Lai, Katie Wyatt, Jessica Pollock, Julian Uzielli, and Matthew Rovet.First Place winners in the Emerge Media Awards, l-r: Nicholas Kattis and Alex Lai, Sheridan College, Digital Design; Katie Wyatt, Niagara College, Photography; Jessica Pollock, Ryerson University, Integrated Communications; Julian Uzielli, Western University, Audio Storytelling; Matthew Rovet, University of Guelph-Humber, Videography.

Winners were announced at an awards ceremony that followed a formal dinner and gala that included keynote speaker Sean Beckingham, founder of the social media firm Branding & Buzzing.  Notable judges include Donna Tranquada, reporter and host at CBC Radio and Ryan Da Silva, promotion producer - Creative Agency at Shaw Media.

"It is a great time to be a young professional in the media industry because of the innovative new tools and technology that's available today,” said Da Silva. “It was quite inspiring to see what these students were able to create at the grassroots level, I was very impressed with all the talent and imagination put into each submission.”

From conception to gala, a UofGH endeavour

Everything from the conception of the awards to their organization, to the planning of the dinner and ceremony, was done by UofGH Media Studies students. 

They wanted to offer Canadian students in journalism, radio and television, film, photography, digital design, PR and marketing the chance to get their work in front of the media industry’s leading lights.  And they succeeded.

Donna Tranquada said, “It is very brave for students to put their work forward for professionals to look at from a different perspective. However, the critique they receive in turn helps their work grow to its full potential. In the end it’s not about the prize and glory of winning an award; it’s all about the experience gained.”

The EMAs are a part of a collective brand known as EMERGE, which includes a one-day media conference, print and online magazine and social media platforms that have been recognized by media communications awards programs across North America.

They were selected in a two-tiered process, judged by a panel of industry professionals according to originality, creativity, professionalism and presentation, and audience appeal.

About the Emerge Media Awards 

The Emerge Media Awards' mission is to celebrate and showcase the achievements of journalism, media studies and communications students in Canada. We seek out and recognize the best writing, editing, videography, audio, digital design, communications and public relations work done at the post-secondary level. While the EMA program is administered and organized by the University of Guelph-Humber, all judges at both levels of review are independent professionals who do not work for and are not affiliated with the university.

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