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Research Grant Fund Recipients 2016-17

The following research projects have been approved for funding during the 2016-17 academic year:

Alice Balter (FCSS/ECS): This research looks to determine the efficacy of a Toronto Public Health sexual education workshop for Early Childhood Educators.

Ashley Battista (Psychology): Databank Analysis: Ontario Brain Injury Association
This project assesses persons living with a brain injury to determine their needs and access to services.

Danielle Bentley (Kinesiology): Randomized control trial to determine the comparative impact of a novel handgrip exercise strategy on women’s cardiovascular health
This study will compare two handgrip exercises’ ability to improve cardiovascular health.

Jamie Burr (Kinesiology): The application of blood flow restriction in rehab
This research seeks to understand how blood flow-restricted exercise can improve knowledge in the fields of rehabilitation, “prehabilitation”, and injury prevention.

Maja Catic (Electives): Teaching genocide to soldiers
This project intends to critically reflect on the pedagogic challenges and opportunities that come from teaching a course on genocide in a professional military environment.

Agnes Coutinho (Kinesiology): Walk Away Stress: Urban poling
This project aims to establish a comprehensive walking program to promote mental and physical well-being for University of Guelph-Humber and Humber College employees.

Nitin Dekha (Justice Studies): The Toronto Police Service’ experience with higher education
This study will explore the Toronto Police Service’s experience with supporting officers’ higher education, how it has affected organizational goals and the professional impacts it has had on TPS officers.

Brenda Elias (FCSS): Exploring person-environment fit at Reena
This study continues a 5-year longitudinal investigation into the health impacts of a new housing model that provides integrated supports for a community of adults with physical, developmental and mental health needs.

Julie Goldenson (Psychology): Complex Trauma: Juvenile victims and offenders
This project will help establish a number of research projects at the San Diego Family Justice Centre, which provides a variety of services to adult, adolescent and child victims of family violence and abuse.

Jennifer Heintzman (Psychology): Personal and social identity amongst young adults in the postmodern world of social networking
This research study examines how and why young adults create online identities with social media services like Facebook, and whether these online identities differ from personal identities.

Matthew LaGrone (Electives): Measuring religiosity in university students
This project continues research started in 2015-16 on the religious attitudes of UofGH students. It further investigates what these data suggest about living in a diverse religious society and the choices that must be negotiated when living amongst different traditions.

Christopher Lo (Psychology): Existential distress in supportive care populations
This study interviews patients with terminal illness to determine how to better care for their mental health, specifically their response to existential distress.

Philip Millar (Kinesiology): Acute endothelial dysfunction and exercise
This research will measure the effect of reduced blood flow on exercise tolerance, and thereafter help create treatment strategies.

Peter Papadogiannis (Psychology): The impact of mindfulness training on athlete performance
This investigation will examine the impact of mindfulness practices on athletes’ ability to achieve optimal mental and physical performance.  

Janet Pritchard (Kinesiology): Physical activity as medicine: the impact of short educational physical activity workshops to improve the health of patients with chronic disease
The number of Canadians living with chronic disease like type 2 diabetes and hypertension is steadily increasing. This study aims to determine the impact attending physical activity workshops have on people with these chronic diseases.

Glen Selkirk (Kinesiology): First responder prevention and wellness in Ontario
This project examines the prevalence of cardiovascular risk, metabolic syndrome and fitness parameters on a cohort of Ontario firefighters.

Jeremy Simpson (Kinesiology): Exercise intolerance following myocardial infarction
This study investigates the exercise effects that follow myocardial infarction.