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Student Choice Initiative (Optional Fees)

The Student Choice Initiative, implemented by the Government of Ontario, allows students to choose which fees to pay through an “opt-out” process. All students will continue to pay fees that deliver essential services.

Compulsory fees deliver essential services, as defined by the Government of Ontario. These essential services ensure the health and safety of the campus and provide academic support to students. All students are required to pay compulsory fees every academic semester. These fees are included in your bill on WebAdvisor and must be paid by the semester payment deadline.

Descriptions of Compulsory Fees

Compulsory fees for University of Guelph-Humber students.

Fee Opt Out

Students may opt out of paying optional fees via WebAdvisor before the billing period for each academic semester. See below for important dates for the upcoming semester and instructions on opting out.

Optional fees support programs and services that benefit students and enhance the University of Guelph-Humber’s unique campus culture. Please read the descriptions of these fees carefully. Opting out of optional fees may result in loss of access to those programs and services.

Important Dates

Semester Start Date of Opt-Out Period End Date of Opt-Out Period
Winter 2020 October 28, 2019* November 17, 2019*
Fall 2019 July 8, 2019 July 23, 2019

*tentative dates

Descriptions of Optional Fees

Optional fees for University of Guelph-Humber students

How to Opt Out of Fees

To opt out of optional fees, sign in to WebAdvisor and click on the "Optional Fee Opt-Out" link on the right-hand side, in the “Financial Profile” section. After reading the fee descriptions, indicate the fees you wish to opt out of and click “Submit” at the bottom of the page. You will receive a confirmation email with a summary of your selection(s). You can also confirm your selection(s) on WebAdvisor by clicking on the "Summary of Opted-Out Fees" link in the "Financial Profile" section.

After the deadline date, your opt-out decisions for the semester cannot be revised. Your bill for the semester will include all compulsory fees and your selected optional fees.

Please note that optional fees are only refundable upon full withdrawal from all courses prior to the semester payment deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Student Choice Initiative apply to me?

The Student Choice Initiative applies to all Canadian and international undergraduate, diploma and graduate students. It applies to full-time and part-time students. The only exceptions are:
  • students only registered in Distance Education courses;
  • senior citizens (over the age of 65); and
  • students attending the University of Guelph-Humber on exchange

Can I change my fees after I submit the form?

No, you cannot make any changes once you submit the form.

Do I need to opt IN to fees?

No, it is an opt-OUT process. If you do not submit the opt-out form on WebAdvisor before the deadline date indicated in the "Important Dates" table above, your bill will include all optional fees.

When is the deadline to opt out?

Please see the “Important Dates” table above for the opt-out deadline for your campus and program.

I’ve missed the Winter window. Can I still submit my choices?

No, you cannot submit your choices after the deadline indicated in the Important Dates table above. Students have the option to choose fees every semester, so you will have an opportunity to select your Summer and Fall optional fees.

After the window is closed, student clubs and organizations will receive an accurate understanding of the funding they will be receiving for the upcoming semester. This will aid in their budgeting and planning of events and programming that maintain and grow our campus culture.

The window also allows for the University to create accurate bills for all students in a timely manner. Students can expect accurate bills for the Winter 2020 semester to be available on WebAdvisor in late November.

Are there any fees that I cannot opt out of?

You cannot opt out of fees that support services deemed as essential by the Government of Ontario. These essential services ensure the health and safety of the campus and provide academic support to students. Below is a list of essential services:
  • Athletics and recreation
  • Career services
  • Student buildings
  • Health and counselling
  • Academic support
  • Student ID cards
  • Student achievement and records
  • Financial aid offices
  • Campus safety programs