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Costa Rica: Environmental & Social Sustainability - The Costa Rica Model

The course provides students with a first-hand look at a country committed to sustainability. Costa Rica has been at the forefront of environmentalism for decades. Students will explore the country’s sustainability policies and practices at the grass roots level.  Students will meet with local people in Costa Rica to witness small community engagement in sustainability.  Students will also interact with Indigenous communities as well as experience farming, fishing, coastal living, and bio-diversity in addition to exploring oceanic wildlife, inland waterways, volcanic environments, protected wildlife, and a nationally protected rainforest.  This course engages students in teambuilding and leadership activities, positive psychology and well-being theory, as well as ecological and socio-economic issues in Costa Rica.

*0.5 General Elective Credit

Projected Dates: TBD | Course Director: John Irwin, Instructor, Justice Studies

Physical Activity: Active (3-day backpack hike and sleeping in outdoor camping facility)