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Denmark: Film and Transmedia Production - Designing Content Across Platforms

In this study abroad course, students travel to Denmark where they will find themselves immersed in that country’s vibrant film and television industry.  Students spend time in Copenhagen, visiting the offices of Agency V, a unique fashion and lifestyle agency, as well as OMI, a digital advertising company.  Students will also go to Aarhus, where they will visit M2 Film, Denmark’s leading producer of transmedia promotional campaigns representing brands such as Lego and BMW. The study tour will additionally include VIA Film and Transmedia School. After the study tour, students have an opportunity to develop a conceptual pitch for a transmedia campaign designed to promote a local cause or brand.  *

0.5 General Elective Credit

Projected Dates: May 4-15, 2021 | Course Director: Adam Miller, Assistant Program Head, Media Studies

Physical Activity: Moderate