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Japan: Soka Education and the Pursuit of Happiness

Soka is a humanistic philosophy of self-empowerment positing that individual well-being and global harmony can be attained through actions to create value in one's own life and in the lives of others. Originating in Japan, and deeply influenced by Buddhist philosophy, Soka's core belief is that everyone has an inner potential that is both the cause and effect of their own ultimate happiness. Soka education encompasses pedagogical practices that promote the happiness of the learner as the essential goal of education. This course will explore the principles of Soka education and global citizenship, and will feature cultural and educational excursions to Tokyo, Hiroshima, Kansai, and Kamakura, including observation/participation in classes at Soka High School and Soka University.

*0.5 General Elective Credit

Projected Dates: May 10 - 22, 2019

Course Director: Paul Sherman, Program Head, Family & Community Social Services