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Netherlands & Denmark: Freedom of Speech in the Age of Global Threats

In this course, students visit two countries, Denmark and the Netherlands, with international reputations for tolerance and freedom of speech. We will discuss these principles in the light of recent events in the Netherlands and Denmark. As such, students will appreciate the complexity of free speech, especially when it involves content deemed offensive or hateful in some quarters of society. Students will consider the histories and cultures of Denmark and the Netherlands surrounding freedom of speech and toleration. This will encompass visits to local media outlets, the Van Gogh Museum, the University of Amsterdam, and the International Criminal Court. From the Danish and Dutch experience, we will look to draw lessons concerning free speech and toleration that other countries, including Canada, can emulate.

*0.5 General Elective Credit

Projected Dates: May 11 - 20, 2019

Course Director: Stephanie Matteis, Instructor, Media Studies