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The Plant Wall

Plant Wall 2

Standing in the University of Guelph-Humber’s central atrium is a four-storey piece of living technology. Made up of over 1000 plants from 100 different species, the Plant Wall is UofGH’s natural air filter. Tropical ferns, flowers and climbing plants hang vertically along the 18m-tall wall and over the years have grown into a dense and lush mix of foliage. The plants’ roots wrap through a permeable fabric behind the wall and are fed by the natural light that falls through the glass ceiling. A cascading mix of water and nutrients cycles behind the Wall, keeping the plants healthy and happy.

The Plant Wall

Fully integrated into the building’s ventilation system, the Plant Wall processes 40,000 cubic feet of air every minute, screening out pollutants and cooling the temperature. While most air circulation systems replace “old” air from inside with “new” air from outside, the natural filtration of the Plant Wall means that more air can be recycled. This fresh recycled air means there’s less need for heating and cooling, helping UofGH consume less energy and produce fewer carbon emissions — it’s not just the plants that are green.

Plant Wall 4

By bringing the outdoors inside, the Plant Wall makes UofGH fresher, brighter and more beautiful.  Come see it for yourself.