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Text that reads: UofGH's Aren Sammy on her unique ECS path

UofGH's Aren Sammy on her unique ECS path

When UofGH alumna Aren Sammy did her practicum at Sick Kids, her colleagues told her how difficult it was to explain to children that their friends had passed away. Those conversations sparked a passion for therapeutic literature, and created a domino effect that led her to pursue an untraditional path in the ECS field.

Luke Marta

Text that reads: Justice student Luke Marta on performing at Juno Beach

Justice student Luke Marta on performing at Juno Beach

As a saxophone player and drum major, Justice Studies student Luke Marta recently took an emotional journey to Juno Beach in Normandy, France for the 75th anniversary of D-Day ceremonies.

Explore new Idea Lab, with space for audio and video production and 3D printing

Designed to support students' digital assignments, Humber Library’s newly launched Idea Lab provides opportunities to explore and create digital media and new technologies.

Text that reads: Cool Classes: The Changing Environment

Cool Classes: Human Impact on the Environment

In "Human Impact on the Environment," students see how history, politics and policy have contributed to changes in the environment.

U of G Presidential Selection Committee Seeks Input from UofGH Community

The selection committee for the University of Guelph’s ninth president and vice-chancellor seeks input and advice from the University of Guelph-Humber community through an online survey and public forum.

Text that reads: A student teaching how to keep accessibility in mind

Christopher Schiafone

A fourth-year student in UofGH's Psychology program, Christopher Schiafone has found many creative solutions to educational obstacles brought on by his visual impairment.

Text that reads: UofGH wins Johannesburg case competition

UofGH wins prestigious CFO Case Study Competition in South Africa

A team of University of Guelph-Humber Business students and alumni has won the prestigious CFO Case Study Competition in South Africa, with judges coming to a unanimous decision for the very first time in the history of the competition.

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Meet Omni: Your New Academic Search Tool

Omni, a new and easy to use academic search tool, is coming to UofGH. Omni lets you search a shared collection of scholarly resources including books, databases, journal articles, videos, music, and more.

Are we visiting your high school or college?

We're coming to you! UofGH representatives visit high schools and colleges throughout Ontario and beyond so you can connect and get your questions answered. Check out where we'll be this fall.