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About Academic & Campus Technology Services (ACTS)

Academic & Campus Technology Services (ACTS) provides creative Ed Tech, AV, IT and Media Technology solutions to enhance the University of Guelph-Humber's learning environment.

What drives us

We are driven by the evolving needs of the University of Guelph-Humber’s distinct learning environment. We proactively assess the University’s current and emerging needs as well as the ever-changing technological landscape, allowing us to anticipate and deliver services and solutions that empower our users.

Our goals

We strive to inspire confidence in our users through the services and technology we provide. Our goal is to empower students, faculty and staff with relevant and innovative technologies they can use to maximize their experience and efficiency at the University.

We are committed to providing reliable and innovative resources that support the University in achieving its strategic objectives, including its educational strategies and administrative functions.

Our commitment to excellence through innovation

Our approach to innovation is that there is no idea too grand or immediately out of our scope; we are dedicated to exploring a diverse range of technology and media to find creative solutions that satisfy and exceed our users’ needs. As we constantly seek ways to raise the quality of services we provide, we foster a culture of collaboration between our partner institutions to inspire cross-institutional advancements that benefit us all.