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Academic Advising

Welcome Back Students!

We know you have many questions and representatives from Academic Advising, Student Life,  Career & Placement Services, Library Services and Financial Services will all be available this week to answer your questions and provide assistance on next steps for students returning to campus. Get an updated semester schedule and plan your successful return the class. Please see the activities and workshops listed here to help with the transition back to campus.


Our Academic Advisors are dedicated to your success as a student. For each program, we offer personal academic advising to help you develop an education plan, build vital learning skills, learn about opportunities and resources, and resolve academic issues. 

Academic support

Each program has an Academic Advisor dedicated to your success as a student.

If you're a new student, start with our New Student Guide for a comprehensive list of important dates, resources and other useful academic information.


Academic schedule

Get program-specific information, so that you can make informed decisions about the courses you need to take and when.


University policies

Get to know our policies for a positive experience at the University of Guelph-Humber.


Learning Support Peers

Learning Support Peers are students with expert knowledge about our programs. They can assist you with selecting your courses, give you relevant academic resources, direct you to personal support services, and explain policies and procedures.


Important dates

See the official dates for each semester.