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Research at UofGH

Research is about creating and distributing knowledge, and at the University of Guelph-Humber we come to it with a different approach.

You’ll notice our research program is slightly different than most.  Its entire structure is designed to give you an edge so that you’ll stand out when the time comes. 

It works like this: You’ll have the chance to work as a paid research assistant – a rare undergraduate achievement. That means working alongside faculty while developing research skills needed for today’s careers or to compete for grad school. 

We’ve had students published as co-authors on groundbreaking research projects, we’ve had students present at national conferences.

Across all our academic programs, faculty projects are supported by the Research Grant Fund, bringing undergraduate students into the research process. As research assistants, students work with faculty members to develop their research skills, methodically trace evidence and push the boundaries of what we know. At UofGH, the Research Grant Fund gives students the opportunity to contribute to research that makes a difference while learning more about their discipline.

Research can change our understanding of the world and the people who live in it. It requires creativity, adaptability and a willingness to embrace different solutions.

Learn more about research at UofGH. Find out what makes us different.

Research Grant Fund

Featured Research Projects