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What is the Research Grant Fund?

Undergraduate research.  Yes, it’s possible.

Research at UofGH considers our students’ learning experience along with the significance of the research itself.

Why?  Because we know that whether you choose to pursue graduate school, begin your career, or whether you’re looking to advance your career, this singular achievement – and all the skills it represents - can set you apart.

We’re especially proud to offer this opportunity to all students, in all programs – a defining element of a postsecondary education typically reserved for the graduate level.


Our commitment to teaching and learning is perhaps nowhere more evident than in the very structure of our research program: Faculty who receive funding from the University of Guelph-Humber’s Research Grant Fund hire and work with you – our students – as paid research assistants.

This means you get to work and learn alongside professors, while building key relationships with them.  Grow your network beyond the University, and take advantage of the possibility of being named on a publication, or giving a presentation at an academic conference.

Learn what it means to be a part of a team whose role it is to create new knowledge, investigate new connections, probe conflicting findings, and contribute to an evolving story of discovery.

Interdisciplinary research

We encourage research in a wide range of disciplines, cutting across all programs.  Scholarship at UofGH supports interdisciplinary research – an emerging trend in the field, as the need to address complex questions blurs the lines between traditional disciplines.

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Eligibility & Application for students