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Media and Communication Studies

Media and Communication Studies

“Guelph-Humber offered me so many options. My internship was in the Philippines! In Videography III I got a taste of what it’s like to work on a real production.”

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What are the possibilities for me?

Options include...

  • Campaign Strategist
  • Brand Manager
  • Communications Coordinator
  • Content Creator
  • Editor
  • Experiential Marketer
  • Fundraising Coordinator
  • Photographer/Videographer
  • Podcaster
  • Public Affairs Specialist
  • VR/AR Creator
  • Publicist
  • Art Director
  • Radio/TV Broadcaster
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Media Buyer/Analyst
  • Web Developer

Graduate school and further education

  • Master of Arts in Communications
  • Master of Journalism
  • Master of Arts in Media Production
  • Bachelor of Education
  • Law School
  • Master of Marketing
  • Master of Management

Note: Some careers and entry into further education may require additional study.

If you don't see your career goal listed here - talk to us! There are many more options.

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What will I learn?

Forget what you think you know about media.

Yes, today’s media is what you listen to, watch, read, scroll and interact with—and our program will teach you to create on all of today’s platforms. But media in the 21st century transcends traditional and even new technologies. It’s the lifeblood of organizations from governments to charities to multinational corporations to local businesses. It’s how they interact with audiences, influence opinion, win elections, sell products and—as it always has—help people learn about and live in the world.

Media and Communication Studies will prepare you for this world with a comprehensive education in the how of media—how to write, record, shoot, design and create content. But you’ll also learn the whys behind the hows: why ethics are important. Why objective reporting is a cornerstone of democracy. Why social media is so influential—and so controversial. And why “boring” stuff like regulations, copyright and privacy is important.

You'll acquire the tools you need to carve out your unique place in this exciting landscape.

NEW! Specializations
Choose a specialization in one of the following areas of interest or choose to generalize.

  • Digital Marketing & Social Media: Learn the fundamental principals of marketing combined with social media, and how these are used to influence behaviour and attitudes.
  • Media Business Management: Learn how media departments and organizations operate, and the principles of strategic communication and the use of data analytics in crafting promotion, advertising and content.
  • Visual Communication: Learn the fundamentals of photography, videography, design and production as they are deployed throughout the media industry to communicate key messages and concepts.

Tools of the trade
Use technology to do creative storytelling—written, visual, audio and experiential. On campus, access equipment such as multimedia production facilities (e.g., podcast suites, soundstage, HD multi-camera setup, switchers and editing suites). Use industry-standard software for composing, editing and publishing. Plus, sign out cameras and professional studio lighting. Equipment is available to all media students.

Data analysis
Making good media means knowing your audience. Knowing your audience means analyzing data. Be able to interpret your results, adapt and respond—skills valued by employers.

Capstone project
In your fourth year, you choose one of two capstone projects:

  • Complete and present an undergraduate thesis (after year three) to apply research principles, build your presentation skills and prepare for graduate studies; or
  • Choose a multiplatform project in which you deploy skills acquired throughout your studies for an external client. Past projects have included turnkey marketing campaigns and public events.

What courses can I take?

First-year courses

Child drawing with a marker
  • Ethical Issues in Media
  • Freedom, Rights & Media
  • General electives
  • Introduction to Communication Theory & Mass Media
  • Introduction to Journalism & Digital Storytelling
  • Introduction to Marketing & Public Relations
  • Introduction to Photography OR Introduction to Media Management OR Subcultures in Mainstream Media
  • Organizational Behaviour & Teamwork
  • Writing & Research for Media & Communications Studies I

240 hours of workplace experience

After third year, you will complete an internship of 240 hours, either locally or abroad. 

Past internships include:

  • Amsterdam Brewing Company
  • Bell Canada: TSN, The Social (CTV)
  • Canadian Tire Corporation
  • Corus Entertainment
  • Content Agency
  • Faulhaber Communications
  • Government of Canada
  • Harry Rosen Inc.
  • Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment
  • National Ballet of Canada
  • PepsiCo Beverages
  • Pomp & Circumstance PR
  • SickKids Hospital
  • Special Olympics Ontario
  • Walt Disney Studios Canada


Start to finish

Learn how to do an entire project, from the development of a concept to producing the content, distributing it and analyzing the impact.

Profs in the industry

You are taught by professionals currently working in their field. They will tell you what they’re experiencing in the workforce in real time.

Helping hand

Know that you can reach out to professors, program staff, student services staff and your classmates to help you figure out tech, assignments and readings, and work through other personal challenges. You’re a name, not a number.

Supported learning

  • Your classmates/cohort will move through the program together.
  • Your professors open doors to diverse professional networks. Their mentorship can guide you to new opportunities.
  • Your program team is eager to assist you. With everything in one building and a small student population, they’re a footstep or email away. Check out your team: Academic Advisor, Placement Coordinator, Career Coordinator, Librarian and Student Life Coordinator.

Safe spaces

Once you experience it you’ll recognize it. UofGH creates a tremendous sense of safety through the support of Program Heads, professors and staff. Feel comfortable to share your voice and care for your mental health.

Learn outside of class


Societies are related to our seven academic programs and offer activities outside of class. They can help you develop leadership skills and gain professional experience. Check out our Clubs and Societies page.

Your media interests could get you involved with:

  • Advertising & Marketing Association
  • Business Council
  • Consulting Association
  • Entrepreneurs Society
  • GuHu Media
  • Pre-Law Society
  • Women in Business Society
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Extra! Extra!

UofGH offers more extracurriculars for students in all programs. Learn more on our Extra! Extra! page.

Travel and learn with Study Tours (10 days) and Study Elsewhere (one semester). Visit our Global Learning Opportunities page for details!

photo abroad from singapore by Dylan Cunanan

"I came to UofGH with a narrow career vision, but that was opened to a wider view of all the career paths the program can offer. The Canadian media industry is small, but filled with UofGH alumni."

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After graduation (unique opportunities)

Heading to law school

Graduate ready for Canadian law school or take advantage of our partnerships in England. Earn a senior status law degree (LLB) with The City Law School, City, University of London   in just two years without an LSAT requirement, or a Master of Law (LLM) through distance learning with the University of London   in one year (full-time) or up to five years (part-time). Both with reduced tuition.

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A step ahead

After graduation, take advantage of our partnership for a Master of Science degree with the University of Guelph (in Guelph, Ontario) MSc in Management. Speak with your Academic Advisor for more information.