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Network Data Storage (ACTS)

Network Data Storage is provided for all students, faculty and staff. Safely store your work on our secure network and skip the hassle of USB thumb drives or large email attachments.

Storage for students

Students have access to 100MB of network data storage space on the H: drive when they log in to any on-campus computer. On Mac lab computers, this network storage space is mounted on the desktop. Only store data for academic purposes. 

Storage for staff and faculty

Staff and faculty receive 500MB of network data storage space on the H: drive when they log in to a campus workstation. Only store data for academic or work-related purposes. This storage space is backed up every night. If you accidentally delete a file or it becomes corrupt, contact the Humber College Support Centre (416.675.6622 ext. 8888) with the file name and request a file restoration. 

Using I: Drive Drop Boxes

Drop boxes are shared, network storage spaces where faculty and students can share or exchange files. For example, faculty can use Drop Boxes to receive assignments or tests from students. Some faculty use Drop Boxes to distribute class material.

You can access Drop Boxes through the I: Drive on campus computers or through My Account, Drop Boxes when you log in remotely on an off-campus computer. 

Microsoft One Drive

Microsoft OneDrive provides a place in the cloud where files can be stored, shared, and synced. Files can be updated and shared from any device (computer, tablet, smartphone) and can even work with others on documents at the same time.

The University of Guelph-Humber uses OneDrive for Business which provides students with unlimited file storage in OneDrive. 

OneDrive Sync Client Configuration

OneDrive Sync Client creates a folder on your computer allowing you to have a local copy of your OneDrive files. For more information on how to set up sync on your OneDrive account for Mac or PC, click on the below link.

* OneDrive Sync Client