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Learning Spaces (ACTS)

There’s a learning space for everyone on campus – from computer labs, to labs for students with disabilities, to quiet study areas. Our classrooms, labs and practice presentation rooms give you the space to work together or alone. Choose the best learning environment for your individual academic needs.

As a student, you can drop in and use the computing labs outside of scheduled class times. There are also two open labs available to students whenever the campus is open: the Learning Commons (GH212) and the quiet study area (GH226).

Lab maintenance/closures

The labs are closed for maintenance at the end of each semester.

Lab listings

Learning Commons
  • GH212: 42 PCs + 4 Express PCs, 4 Printers
  • Printing: GH212
  • Photocopier: GH212
Quiet Study
  • GH226: 17 PCs
PC labs
  • GH301: 38 PCs + 1 Printer
  • GH321: 35 PCs + 1 Printer
  • GH322: 35 PCs + 1 Printer
MAC labs
  • GH323: 35 Macs + 1 Printer
  • GH312: 27 Macs + 1 Printer
Practice presentation rooms
  • GH229: 1 Mac
  • GH228 1 Mac and additional connectivity for portable devices
Flatbed scanner locations
  • GH212: Learning Commons (5 scanners)
  • GH312: Mac Lab (3 scanners)
  • GH323: Mac Lab (2 scanners)