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Learning Spaces

Our labs offer students both Windows and MAC computing options. Learn more about our lab software and hardware.

As a student, you can drop in and use the computing labs outside of scheduled class times. There are also two open labs available to students whenever the campus is open: the Learning Commons (GH212) and the quiet study area (GH226).

Lab closures

We close the labs for maintenance at the end of each semester.

Lab listings

Lab Listings
Learning Commons
  • GH212: 42 PCs + 4 Express PCs
  • Printing: GH212
  • Photocopier: GH212
Quiet Study
  • GH226: 17 PCs
PC labs
  • GH301: 38 PCs
  • GH321: 35 PCs
  • GH322: 35 PCs
MAC labs
  • GH323: 35 Macs
  • GH312: 27 Macs
Practice presentation rooms
  • GH229: 1 Mac
  • GH228 1 Mac and additional connectivity for portable devices
Flatbed scanner locations
  • GH212: Learning Commons (4 scanners)
  • GH312: Mac Lab (3 scanners)
  • GH323: Mac Lab (2 scanners)