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Media Technologies

The Media Technologies team is responsible for the day to day technological operations and support for the Media and Communication Studies program and other media related university projects. This includes overseeing production facilities, labs, studios and the Media Equipment Distribution Centre (Media Cage). The team also consults with faculty, staff, and students about media production using existing and emerging technologies such as AR/VR.

The Media Technologies team can be contacted at

Media Facilities 

The Media and Communication Studies program has several media production focused studios, labs and resources:

GH320 – Media Equipment Distribution Centre (Media Cage)

The Media Equipment Distribution Centre (Media Cage) provides all Media Studies students with access to a wide selection of professional media production equipment and access to production facilities. Find out more about the Media Cage.

GH311 Broadcast Studio

The Broadcast Studio is a collaborative production facility that allows students to create multi-camera live streaming content. Facilities include:

  • A spacious soundstage that allows students to produce engaging content – from interactive panel discussions and current-events talk shows to digital media content for the web.
  • Multicamera video production driven by the NewTek Tricaster Live Multi-Camera Video and Streaming system, enabling students to create live productions both in studio and on location.
  • New digital media technologies that allow students to seamlessly incorporate web content, social media, and live video chat into live productions.
  • Apple edit workstations loaded with industry-leading, multimedia production and design software.

GH416 - Visual and Immersive Media Studio

Main Space:

The 1350 square foot, open concept, fully equipped main studio supports media content creation such as portrait and product photography. The studio contains movable black and white flats, various size cubes, black and white foam core for shaping light, laptop stands to support tethered capture and nine-foot rolls of seamless background paper.

Broncolor Siros kits, modifiers, stands, booms, Broncolor Move kits (battery powered), Nikon speed lights, Nikon DX cameras (crop frame), Nikon FX cameras (full frame), a variety of high quality Nikon lenses (from 13mm-300mm) and other industry leading photography equipment is available from the Media Cage for professional quality studio work.

Visual Production Space – GH416B

Approved students can use the print lab (located in GH 416b) to produce high-quality colour or black and white prints. The lab features:

  • HPZ9+ large-format printer capable of producing prints up to 16x20 inches
  • Computer station equipped with the Adobe Creative Suite
  • A colour-balanced viewing station for assessing prints as well as a cutting station

Immersive Media Sandbox – GH416C

The Immersive Media Sandbox allows students to experiment with immersive technologies such as virtual and mixed reality. The space is equipped with an HTC Vive Pro 2 system, Oculus Rift, and a high-powered PC that allow students to consume, create, and distribute immersive media. A suspended lighting grid and chroma color wall provide flexibility for mixed reality and live streaming production.

 GH317 – Multimedia Production Suites

This innovative production lab gives students the tools to record, edit and stream audio and multimedia content and to tell fully immersive stories. Modular podcast suites are equipped with the Rode Rodecaster Pro and a fully flexible audio streaming setup; a video post-production suite is equipped with an Apple Mac Pro and a range of high-powered, non-linear editing programs that unlock the power of 4k, 8k and 360 video editing.