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What You Need to Know: Academic Consideration

When a request for academic consideration may occur

  1. During the semester (e.g., missed mid-term exam, missed quiz, late assignment).
    • Students should request approval and accommodations from the instructor prior to the due date.
    • Documentation supporting the reason for the absence may be required (e.g., a medical note).
  2. Beyond the end of the semester or pertaining to the schedule of dates (e.g., missed final exam, missed final assignment, late drop of a course).
    • Students should submit a Request for Academic Consideration form to the Academic Advisor.
    • Requests should be made within 5 days following the end of the exam period.
    • Supporting documents are required.
    • Requests are reviewed by the Academic Review Sub-Committee. Once a decision has been reached, you will be notified at your University of Guelph-Humber email account.

How to fill out a Request for Academic Consideration form

  1. Complete all sections include the courses you are seeking consideration for and the reason for the request (i.e., medical, compassionate or psychological grounds).
  2. Write a letter outlining the grounds for the request. If you are seeking consideration for one course explain why your other courses were not affected.
  3. Provide documentation that supports the reason for your request (e.g., medical note, letter from a counsellor).
  4. Submit your request in person to your Academic Advisor.

Please be advised that the statement in all course outlines regarding the verification of illness is hereby amended to state the following:

The University will not normally require verification of illness (doctor's notes) for Fall 2020 or Winter 2021 semester courses.  However, requests for Academic Consideration may still require medical documentation as appropriate.

Consideration for your request

The Academic Review Sub-Committee reviews requests. Once they make a decision, you will be notified at your Guelph-Humber email account.

The Academic Review Sub-Committee considers requests at least three times per semester. Please consult with your Academic Advisor for when the next meeting will occur.

Upcoming Academic Consideration Dates

Summer 2020

  • Thursday June 25 2020
  • Wednesday July 29 2020
  • Monday August 24 2020
  • Tuesday September 8 2020

Fall 2020

  • Wednesday December 2 2020
  • Tuesday December 22 2020

Winter 2021

  • Wednesday January 13 2021
  • Wednesday March 31 2021
  • Wednesday April 14 2021
  • Thursday April 29 2021