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Applying for Jobs Online

Before you start

  • Read the job posting carefully to ensure that you are sending all the documents in the correct format.
  • Have all of your information ready in case you are required to fill out an online form.
  • Make sure you prepare your application and apply well before the deadline.

The application process

  • If you set up an account to apply through an online portal, keep track of all your usernames and passwords.
  • Keep a running list of the online applications you make and where you are applying to update your applications every month.
  • Try to keep your file names consistent across your applications on each site.


Keywords are very important for online applications because employers sometimes set up an electronic filter to pick up specific key words that match the job posting. Here are some examples of keywords that employers may be looking for:

  • Job Titles (Administrative Assistant, Customer Services Representative)
  • Knowledge (Industry guidelines, Certifications)
  • Computer Skills (MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite)
  • Education (Communications, Social Services, Psychology)
  • Languages (English, French, Spanish)

Technical details

Online applications may ask you to copy and paste your resume and/or cover letter into the application in plain text instead of uploading your documents. When converting to plain text make sure to replace bullets with asterisks (*) or dashes (-), eliminate extra tabs, and put spaces between headings.

Sending your application

When you are about to submit your application, read it over carefully and ensure that you have attached the correct documents and/or pasted in the information correctly. When sending the application, make sure that a confirmation email is sent to you or is indicated on the website. Read the fine print and protect yourself by making sure that you never enter personal information such as your social insurance number.

Top online application tips

  1. Start your online job search early.
  2. Follow the online application instructions carefully.
  3. Use relevant keywords from the posting that can be searchable by databases.
  4. Proofread your job search documents.
  5. Be prepared to invest some time answering questions.