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Job Search Tips

When conducting a summer job search, remember that there are always opportunities posted publicly online. However, it is important to note that not all jobs are found online, so you must devote some of your time to networking and creating opportunities in the hidden job market.

Job search steps to success

1. Search for jobs online

Research potential job opportunities on job search websites. Here are some websites to start:

2. Network

  • Reach out to family, friends, professors, peers and colleagues to see if they know anyone who may know of a potential opportunity.
  • Attend networking events such as career & job fairs, conferences and workshops.
  • Conduct informational interviews, which is an informal meeting with someone working in the field you are looking to get a job in to gain insight of the industry.
  • Contact your professional connections on LinkedIn.

3. Use social media

  • Follow companies you are interested in working for over the summer on Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Follow job search companies such as Talent Egg, GTA top employers, LinkedIn and Workopolis.

Additional Tips

  • Begin your search early. You should be well prepared with job search documents by December and begin applying as early as January. Some companies even hire interns in September  for the following summer, so it is important to be aware of what the standard is in your industry.
  • Get your resume and/or cover letter checked over by a Career Support Peer.
  • Research companies you would like to work for, and see if they are hiring for summer or seasonally.
  • Think strategically and brainstorm where opportunities will arise during the summer months such as garden centres, golf courses, yacht clubs and tourist attractions.